Select Committee on European Scrutiny First Report


The European Scrutiny Committee has made progress in the matter referred to it and has agreed to the following Report:—


1.1  All outstanding references of European Union documents to European Standing Committees automatically lapsed on Dissolution. In addition, one document had been debated by a European Standing Committee but the House had not agreed a resolution relating to it, and scrutiny was therefore incomplete. We have reconsidered the outstanding recommendations from the previous Committee, and now recommend the following documents for debate in European Standing Committee or on the Floor of the House as indicated:

European Standing Committee A
13735/99 (20813)A Single European Sky (originally referred 12 July 2000)
7262/01 (22292) Commission Green Paper on the future of the
7263/01 (22344)Common Fisheries Policy (originally referred
7377/01 (22346)2 May 2001)
7378/01 (22347)
6671/01 (22212)Commission White Paper — Strategy for a future chemicals policy (originally referred 25 April 2001)
European Standing Committee B
11381/00 (21492):Reinvigorating the Barcelona Process
14778/00 (22007):Assistance to Palestinian Society (originally referred 28 February 2001)
European Standing Committee C
5619/01 (22096)Strategy for energy supply (originally referred 4 April 2001)
Floor of the House
10427/00 (21499):Food hygiene
14174/00 (21886)  General principles and requirements of food law (originally referred 17 January and 14 March 2001)

1.2  We have decided not to recommend for debate the draft Council Regulation relating to duty-free access for products originating in the least-developed countries (12335/00; referred on 28 February 2001), on the grounds that the situation has changed, there is a new Minister in charge of this area, and subsequent decisions have meant that the implications of the proposal now appear less serious than when we last considered it. We have also decided not to recommend for debate the Unnumbered Explanatory Memorandum relating to informing and consulting employees (referred on 22 November 2000), as a debate has already taken place in a European Standing Committee (even though no resolution was agreed by the House) and there are later versions of the proposal, one of which we consider elsewhere in this Report (paragraph 25).

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© Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 30 July 2001