Select Committee on European Scrutiny First Report


2.1  In accordance with the recommendation of the Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons[1], since the beginning of the 1998-99 Session we have tabled written Questions on the day of each meeting of the Council of Ministers asking for reports of the Council meetings. However, no written answers are given and published when the House is dissolved or during recesses. The Modernisation Committee recommended that, for Councils taking place during recesses, reports should be in the form of letters to the European Scrutiny Committee which could be published by the Committee. Accordingly, we have asked Departments to write to us with reports of Council meetings that have taken place since 11 May. The replies are published as Appendix 1.

1  Seventh Report from the Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons, HC 791 (1997-98), paragraph 18. Back

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Prepared 30 July 2001