Select Committee on European Scrutiny Second Report


1. Three separate numbering systems are used in this Report to designate European Union documents.

Numbers in brackets are the Committee's own reference numbers.

Numbers in the form 5467/97 are Council of Ministers reference numbers; this system is also employed by United Kingdom Government Departments and the Vote Office and for the purpose of proceedings in the House.

Numbers preceded by the letters COM or SEC are Commission reference numbers; this style is also employed by the European Parliament.

The absence of both a Council of Ministers and Commission reference number usually indicates that at the time of the Report only an unnumbered Explanatory Memorandum from the responsible Government Department was deposited in the House.

2. Details of the progress of European Union Documents recommended by the Committee for further consideration may be found in the European Union Documents List which is circulated every sitting Monday in the Vote Bundle.

3. The financial data in European Union Documents are normally expressed in the euro from 1 January 1999. Conversions into sterling relating to present and future years included in the Government's Explanatory Memoranda are normally made at the market rate for the last working day of the previous month. For Explanatory Memoranda submitted in May 2001, the conversion rate is £1 = 1.6142 euro (1 euro = £0.6195). For Explanatory Memoranda submitted in June 2001, the conversion rate is £1 = 1.6742 euro (1 euro = £0.5973). For Explanatory Memoranda submitted in July 2001, the conversion rate is £1 = 1.6581 euro (1 euro = £0.6031). For Explanatory Memoranda submitted in October 2001 the conversion rate is £1 = 1.6077 euro (1 euro = £0.6220).

4. The following terms and abbreviations are used regularly in Reports from the Committee:—

'A' pointAn item on the Council Agenda which is not controversial, and needs no discussion. If any Member State objects to an item being taken as an 'A' point, that business is dropped from the agenda. 'B' points are those expected to give rise to debate.
COREPERCommittee of Permanent Representatives
ECJEuropean Court of Justice
ECSCEuropean Coal and Steel Community
EMExplanatory Memorandum
OJOfficial Journal
RIARegulatory Impact Assessment
SEMSupplementary Explanatory Memorandum
TagAn italic rubric attached to a Motion in the House or European Standing Committee, listing documents relevant to debate on that Motion

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Prepared 2 November 2001