Select Committee on European Scrutiny Eleventh Report


List of 36 structural indicators for the synthesis report 2002
General economic background
a.  GDP per capita (in PPS) and real GDP growth rate
b.  Labour productivity (per person employed and per hour worked)
c.  Unemployment rate
d.  Inflation rate
e.  Real unit labour cost growth
f.  Public balance
I.   Employment
1.  Employment rate (total and by gender)
2.  Employment rate of older workers
3.  Gender pay gap
4.  Tax rate on low-wage earners
5.  Life-long learning (adult participation in education and training)
6.  Accidents at work (quality of work)
II.   Innovation and research
1.  Public expenditure on education
2.  R&D expenditure
3.  Level of Internet access
4.  Science and technology doctorates
5.  Patents
6.  Venture capital
III.   Economic Reform
1.  Relative price levels and price convergence
2.  Prices in the network industries
3.  Market structure in the network industries
4.  Public procurement
5.  Sectoral and ad hoc State aid
6.  Capital raised on stock markets
IV.   Social Cohesion
1.  Distribution of income (income quintile ratio)
2.  Poverty rate before and after social transfers
3.  Persistence of poverty
4.  Regional cohesion
5.  Early school-leavers not in further education or training
6.  Long term unemployment
V.   Environment
1.  Greenhouse gases emissions
2.  Energy intensity of the economy
3.  Volume of transport (tonnes and passenger km) relative to GDP
4.  Modal split of transport
5.  Urban air quality
6.  Municipal waste

  New indicators are marked in bold.

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Prepared 17 January 2002