Select Committee on European Scrutiny Twenty-Seventh Report





COM(02) 74

Commission Opinion pursuant to Article 251(2), third subparagraph, point (c), of the EC Treaty, on the European Parliament's amendments to the Council's common position regarding the proposal for a Draft Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on the authorisation of electronic communications networks and services.

Legal base:

Article 95; co-decision; qualified majority voting



Trade and Industry

Basis of consideration:

Minister's letter of 29 April 2002

Previous Committee Report:

HC 152-xiii (2001-02), paragraph 17 (10 April 2002)

To be discussed in Council:

6-7 December 2001 Transport and Telecommunications Council

Committee's assessment:

Politically important

Committee's decision:

Cleared (decision reported on 10 April 2002), but evidence session with Minister arranged




  19.1  This proposal, known as "the Authorisation Directive", is part of the telecoms regulatory package, of which three others on which we report[28] also form part. It aims to harmonise and simplify existing national systems for the authorisation of networks and services by national regulatory authorities (NRAs), setting out the framework with which NRAs must comply when setting, for example, administrative charges and conditions. We cleared the draft on 21 March 2001[29], before the Council agreed a Common Position on it.

  19.2  On 13 February 2002 we considered a letter[30] from the Minister for E-Commerce and Competitiveness (Mr Douglas Alexander) in which he informed us of the outcome of negotiations between the Council and the European Parliament on key elements of the telecoms regulatory package. He said that a Second Reading Agreement had been reached shortly before Christmas 2001. No texts were available but, when they had been finalised, Explanatory Memoranda would be submitted on them "as normal".

  19.3  In an Explanatory Memorandum dated 19 March, the Minister told us that the Directive was adopted on 14 February 2002. He summarised the amendments to the Common Position that were agreed as part of the final deal. He noted that relatively few amendments were made to the Common Position text of the Authorisation Directive and that none of them had any adverse policy implications for the UK. He said that the Government fully supported the Agreement. It believed that the final version represented a very good outcome for the UK. He made no reference to the fact that the "final deal" had not been submitted for scrutiny before adoption, but said that it was expected to come into force "imminently".

The Minister's letter

  19.4  We report on a letter dated 29 April from the Minister in paragraph 17.6 above of this Report.


  19.5  We cleared this proposal on 10 April 2002. The comments we make in our conclusion on the Framework Directive above apply equally to this proposal.


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Prepared 13 May 2002