Select Committee on European Scrutiny Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 120 - 121)



Tony Cunningham

  120. On the Commission's executive role in the White Paper you talk about refocusing executive reresponsibility in practice, what does that mean?
  (Commissioner Barnier) Of course we are talking here about the Commission's core business, the fundamental sovereign task that it undertakes in trade competition and internal markets and how best to refocus these key policy areas. Of course it is very important and there various priorities, we have our priorities and the member states have theirs. It is important to sort out these priorities and that is something which will be done in the course of the convention, we will have to see how we can best refocus on what our key areas are for the Commission.


  121. Can I thank you very much. I am sorry we have overrun and kept you, it was as a result of the interest you created in your responses to our questions, and for that I thank you very much. I wish you well in your duties as Regional Policy Commissioner, we well remember a former colleague of ours Mr Bruce Millan, it is a very, very important job and we in parts of the United Kingdom appreciate just how important that job is. We wish you well, especially with your task on the Convention, which we are all looking very keenly to. Thank you very much, it has been very worth while having you here.
  (Commissioner Barnier) I would just like say I look forward to having another opportunity to meet the Committee, I attach great importance to the role of national parliaments and if I may say so I attach great importance to the role that the United Kingdom has played and continues to play in the whole process of European unification, that will be particularly important in the coming years as we face major new challenges.

  Chairman: Thank you.

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Prepared 21 June 2002