Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

FunctionAddress £  Date of Sale
2001-2002 FY Sale Agreed,
WashingtonJunior Staff Housing 1016 Chelsea Towers 7401 Westlake Terrace 30-07-01
WashingtonJunior Staff Housing 508 Chelsea Towers, Westlake Terrace 11-05-01
WashingtonJunior Staff Housing 507 Chelsea Towers, Westlake Terrace 15-06-01
WashingtonJunior Staff Housing 204 Chelsea Towers, Westlake Terrace 09-07-01
WashingtonJunior Staff Housing 5802 Ogden Court Bethesda 06-04-01
WashingtonJunior Staff Housing 611 Chelsea towers, Westlake Terrace agreed 11-2001
New YorkJunior Staff Housing 9A, 100 UN Plaza29-06-01
Total Sales Proceeds—To Date £1,467,583

2001-2002 FY On market or to go on market
WashingtonSenior Staff Housing 5128 Loughborough Road
WashingtonMinister's House 76 Kalorama Circle
WashingtonJunior Staff Housing Apt 711 4977 Battery Lane
New YorkJunior Staff Housing 19C 301 East 8th Street
New YorkCG Apartment Apt 3 4 East 66th Street
ChicagoJunior Staff Housing 110 Lakewood Drive
2001-2002 Estimated Future Receipts* £13,870,000

FY 2002-2003 and FY 2003-2004 Planned to go on market
WashingtonSenior Staff Housing 4807 Newport Avenue Bethesdac. 14 million
WashingtonSenior Staff Housing 2825 McGill Terrace
New YorkSenior Staff Housing Apt 10D 770 Park Avenue
New YorkSenior Staff Housing Apt 3C 1 East End Avenue
New YorkSenior Staff Housing 27D 100 UN Plaza
New YorkJunior Staff Housing Apt 5A 188 East 70th Street
New YorkJunior Staff Housing 13C 188 East 70th Street
San FranciscoCG House 2516 Pacific Avenue
2002-2004 Estimated Future Receipts* nc. 18 million

  *  Note:   Totals based on US$ sales values for each property; converted to sterling at date of valuation and rounded to nearest £10,000.

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Prepared 18 December 2001