Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Annex IV


  Chairman: Hamid Karzai

  Members (of whom 5 will be Vice-Chairs)

  Vice Chairmen:

    Vice-Chair & Women's Affairs: Dr. Sima Samar

    Vice-Chair & Defence: Muhammad Qassem Fahim

    Vice-Chair & Planning: Haji Muhammad Mohaqqeq

    Vice-Chair & Water and Electricity: Shaker Kargar

    Vice-Chair & Finance: Hedayat Amin Arsala


    Department of Foreign Affairs: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

    Department of the Interior: Muhammad Yunus Qanooni

    Department of Commerce: Seyyed Mustafa Kazemi

    Department of Mines & Industries: Muhammad Alem Razm

    Department of Small Industries: Aref Noorzai

    Department of Information & Culture: Dr. Rabeen Makhdoom

    Department of Communication: Ing. Abdul Rabim

    Department of Labour & Social Affairs: Mir Wais Sadeq

    Department of Hajj & Auqaf: Mohammad Hanif Hanif Balkhi

    Department of Martys & Disabled: Abdullah Wardak

    Department of Education: to be completed

    Department of Higher Education: Dr. Sharif Faez

    Department of Public Health: Dr. Suhaila Seddiqi

    Department of Public Works: to be completed

    Department of Rural Development: Abdul Malik Anwar

    Department of Urban Development: Haji Abdul Qadir

    Department of Reconstruction: to be completed

    Department of Transport: Sultan Hamid Hamid

    Department for the Return of Refugees: Enayatullah Nazeri

    Department of Agriculture: Seyyed Hussein Anwari

    Department of Irrigation: Haji Mangal Hussein

    Department of Justice: Abdul Rabim Karimi

    Department of Air Transport & Tourism: to be completed

    Department of Border Affairs: to be completed

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 20 June 2002