Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary memorandum from the Parliamentary Relations and Devolution Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


  Thank you for your letter of 24 April asking for a copy of a dossier on evidence of Iraq's development of weapons of mass destruction. A joint paper, in consultation with No. 10, is being considered, but no firm date has yet been set for publication. The FCO will endeavour to ensure that the FAC receives an advance copy of any final document before it is made available to a wider audience and I will keep you informed of progress.

  You may also be interested in the enclosed Parliamentary answer on further developments concerning Iraqi capabilities which is to be answered in the House today. [6]

Parliamentary Relations and Devolution Department

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

May 2002

6   Hansard, 2nd May 2002, c 930w.


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Prepared 20 June 2002