Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Joint Press Release

  The Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw and the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Excmo Sr Josep Pique i Camps, met in London on 26 July to relaunch talks about Gibraltar.

  The Ministers met under the terms of the Brussels Declaration made in the joint communique issue in November 1984. In the spirit of the good relations existing between the UK and Spain, both Ministers underlined their intention and political will to overcome all their differences over Gibraltar, and to make every effort to bring these talks to a successful and speedy conclusion to the benefit of all parties involved. Both sides discussed their approach to the practical issues of co-operation and sovereignty.

  They confirmed that Gibraltarian engagement will be an important element in carrying this process forward, and would welcome the attendance of the Chief Minister of Gibraltar at future and Ministerial meetings.

  It was agreed to hold further meetings, including a further Ministerial meeting in the Autumn to take forward the discussions.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

26th July 2001

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Prepared 13 December 2001