Select Committee on Foreign Affairs First Report


The Foreign Affairs Committee has agreed to the following Report:—


1. The Foreign Affairs Committee in the last Parliament reported on Gibraltar in June 1999.[1] Soon after publication, that Report was the subject of a Westminster Hall Debate.[2] In July 2000 and April 2001, the Committee published follow-up Reports.[3]

2. The Reports of our predecessor Committee dealt not only with the central question of Gibraltar's constitutional status but with a wide range of issues, including: border delays between Gibraltar and Spain; restrictions on telephone communications with Gibraltar; the enfranchisement of all British Citizens resident in Gibraltar in time for the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections; Spanish allegations against Gibraltar; and the Single European Sky. In the last of their Reports, the Committee expressed the hope that their successors would return to these issues early in the next Parliament.[4]

3. Following the Government's decision to reopen the Brussels process of negotiations with Spain, we invited the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Peter Caruana, and the Minister for Europe, Peter Hain, to appear before us to answer questions. The Minutes of that Evidence, together with memoranda submitted to us, are printed with this Report, in order that they may be available in the House and more widely without delay.

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Prepared 13 December 2001