Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence


  Member States have fulfilled about two thirds of the 144 capability requirements identified. Of the remaining capability requirements, some have been partly fulfilled. The list is comprehensive but the different importance of the identified shortfalls has to be kept in mind. The following table illustrates the situation regarding the shortfalls as at 2003. The table shows which Member States have already contributed for each functional shortfall area, the progress made since the Capability Commitment Conference on 19 November 2000 and the involvement of Member States in national or multinational projects and initiatives. If completed and contributed, those can directly solve or alleviate the shortfall.

  Although other projects and initiatives put forward by Member States, if implemented, will improve the overall capability, the present table shows only those that are directly related to the shortfalls.

  Since most of the EU shortfalls are also addrssed in DCI, actions taken by Member States to remedy the shortfalls will contribute to mutual reinforcement of the EU capabilities and those arising, for the countries concerned, from the DCI.

Air to Air refuellingCapability to refuel aircraft in the air
BDABattle Damage Assessment
CCHQComponent Command Headquarters
EUROCORPSMultinational Land Force (BE/FR/GE/LU/SP)
EUROFORMultinational Land Force (FR/IT/PO/SP)
EUROMARFORMultinational Maritime Force (FR/IT/PO/SP)
FHQForce Headquarters
IMINTImagery Intelligence
ISRIntelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
NBCNuclear Biological Chemical
OHQOperation Headquarters
PSYOPSPsychological operations
RO-RORoll On - Roll Off
SIAFSpanish Italian Amphibious Force
SIGINTSignal Intelligence

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Prepared 31 January 2002