Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Annex VIII


  Preparing the Council for enlargement: Report by the Presidency to the European Council [9939/02]

  Communication from the Commission on the Action Plans for administrative and judicial capacity, and the monitoring of commitments made by the negotiating countries in the accession negotiations [9757/02]

  Commission report: Explaining Europe's enlargement [9758/02]

  Communication from the Commission "Towards integrated management of the external borders of the Member States of the European Union" [9139/02]

  Note from the Presidency on enlargement [9765/02 + REV 1 (it)]

  Presidency report on advances made in combating illegal immigration [10009/02]

  Presidency note on co-operation with third countries of origin and transit to jointly combat illegal immigration [9917/3/02 REV 3]

  Council (JHA) conclusions on measures to be applied to prevent and combat illegal immigration and smuggling and trafficking in human beings by sea [10017/02]

  Plan for the management of the external borders [10019/02]

  Draft Council conclusions on the preparation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg) [9947/02]

  Presidency report: Giving fresh impetus to the Lisbon Strategy: Progress towards fulfilling the remits adopted by the Barcelona European Council [9909/1/02 REV 1]

  Commission communication—European Governance: Better lawmaking [9809/02]

  Communication from the Commission—Action plan: "Simplifying and improving the regulatory environment [9809/02 ADD 1]

  Communication from the Commission Consultation document: Towards a reinforced culture of consultation and dialogue [9809/02 ADD 2]

  Communication from the Commission on impact assessment [9809/02 ADD 3]

  Communication from the Commission entitled "Towards the Full Roll-Out of Third Generation Mobile Communications" [9946/02]

  Report from the Commission to the Council on using the Internet to develop twinning between European secondary schools [10037/02]

  Commission communication "eEurope 2005: An information society for all" [9508/02]

  Report from the Commission on the status of work on the guidelines for state aid and services of general economic interest [9787/02]

  Council Recommendation for the Broad Guidelines of the Economic Policies of the Member States and the Community [10093/02]

  ECOFIN Council report: Administrative co-operation in the area of taxation [10014/02 + REV 1 (en)]

  ECOFIN Council report: tax package [10226/02]

  Progress report on energy taxation [1095/02]

  Presidency Report on European Security and Defence Policy [10160/2/02 REV 2]

  Presidency report on the implementation of the EU Programme for the Prevention of Violent Conflicts [9991/02]

  Council conclusions on Kaliningrad [10038/02]

  Council report on the implementation of the Common Strategy of the European Union on Russia [9916/02]

  Article 299(2) Implementation of the sustainable development strategy for the outermost regions:

  Progress report and work programme with a provisional timetable [10148/02]

Seville European Council

June 2002

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Prepared 16 October 2002