Select Committee on Home Affairs Minutes of Proceedings Report


Members present:

Mr Chris Mullin, in the Chair

Mr David CameronMr Gwyn Prosser
Mrs Janet DeanBob Russell
Mr Humfrey MalinsAngela Watkinson
Bridget PrenticeDavid Winnick

The Committee deliberated.

Resolved, That the Committee do inquire into the Police Reform Bill.—(The Chairman.)

Resolved, That the Committee do visit Brussels from 8 to 9 July 2002 to examine recent developments in the EU justice and home affairs area.—(The Chairman.)

Ordered, That the Committee Specialist do visit Trier, Germany, from 24 to 27 January 2002 to attend an Academy of European Law seminar on "The Anti-Terrorism Package: New Legislation in the EU" in a representative capacity.—(The Chairman.)

Ordered, That the Chairman do seek the approval of the Liaison Committee for expenditure in connection with the said visit.

The Government's Drugs Policy: Is it Working?: Dr Claire Gerada, Royal College of General Practitioners, Mrs Christine Glover, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Dr Rob Barnett, British Medical Association, and Dr Andy Thompson, NHS Alliance, were examined.

[Adjourned till Tuesday 22 January at a quarter past Ten o'clock.

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 26 February 2003