Select Committee on Home Affairs Third Report


(oral evidence printed in Volume III as "Minutes of Evidence")
Tuesday 30 October 2001
Ms Sue Killen, Director, Drug Strategy, and Mr Vic Hogg, Head of Communities and Law Enforcement, Drugs Unit, Home Office, Ms Rosemary Jenkins, Acting Head, Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Branch, Department of Health, Mr Paul Hayes, Chief Executive, National Treatment Agency, and Mr Keith Hellawell, Expert Adviser to the Home Secretary on International Drug Issues and former UK Anti- Drugs Co-ordinator
Ev 1
Tuesday 6 November 2001
Mr Danny Kushlik, Chief Executive, Transform, Mr Nick Davies, The Guardian, Mr Roger Warren Evans, The Angel Declaration, Mr Alun Buffry, National Co-ordinator, Legalise Cannabis Alliance, and Mr Conor McNicholas, Editor, Musik Magazine
Ev 23
Tuesday 20 November 2001
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman, Metropolitan Police Service, Chair, Association of Chief Police Officers Sub-Committee on Drugs, Chief Superintendent Kevin Morris, President, Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales, Mr Jonathon Ledger, Chair, Trade Union and Professional Association for Family Court and Probation Staff (Napo), and Mr Roger Howard, Chief Executive, DrugScope
Ev 49
Commander Brian Paddick, Metropolitan Police Service, Borough of Lambeth, Mr Francis Wilkinson, former Chief Constable of Gwent, and Mr Geoff Ogden, Co-ordinator, East Riding and Hull Drug Action Team
Ev 61
Tuesday 27 November 2001
Professor Gerry Stimson, Director, Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour, Imperial College School of Medicine, and Chair, UK Harm Reduction Alliance, Mr Matthew Hickman, Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour, Imperial College School of Medicine, Professor John Henry, Professor of Accident and Emergency Medicine, Imperial College School of Medicine at St Mary's Hospital and Professor David Nutt, Professor of Psychopharmacology, Dean of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry, Psychopharmacology Unit, University of Bristol
Ev 73
Dr Colin Brewer, Medical Director, The Stapleford Centre, Mr Bill Nelles, General Secretary, The Methadone Alliance, Lord Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive, Turning Point, and Professor John Strang, Professor of Addictions and Director, National Addiction Centre
Ev 83
Tuesday 11 December 2001
Mr Mike Trace, Director of Performance, National Treatment Agency, former Deputy UK Anti-Drugs Co-ordinator, and Chair, European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction
Ev 98
Sir Keith Morris, former Ambassador to Colombia, Mr Terry Byrne, Director of Law Enforcement, HM Customs and Excise, and Dr Nicholas Dorn, DrugScope
Ev 109
Tuesday 18 December 2001
Professor Juergen Rehm, Director and CEO, Addiction Research Institute, Zurich, and Senior Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, and Dr Gerrit van Santen, Amsterdam Municipal Public Health Laboratory
Ev 118
Tuesday 15 January 2002
Dr Claire Gerada, Royal College of General Practitioners, Mrs Christine Glover, Council Member and former President, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Dr Rob Barnett, British Medical Association, and Dr Andy Thompson, NHS Alliance
Ev 133
Tuesday 22 January 2002
Mr David Raynes, National Drug Prevention Alliance, Mr Fred Broughton OBE, Chairman, Police Federation of England and Wales, Mrs Mary Brett, Head of Health Education, Dr Challoner's Grammar School, and Baroness Greenfield CBE, Professor of Pharmacology, University of Oxford, and Director, Royal Institution of Great Britain
Ev 149
Tuesday 12 February 2002
Mr Bob Ainsworth MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Anti-Drugs Co-ordination and Organised Crime, Home Office
Ev 171
Tuesday 12 March 2002
Ms Tina Williams, Parents and Addicts against Narcotics in the Community, Mr Hywel Sims, ADFAM, Mr Fulton Gillespie and Mrs Hope Humphreys
Ev 191
Tuesday 19 March 2002
Mr Ralf Löfstedt, Deputy Director, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Sweden
Ev 209

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Prepared 22 May 2002