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    Joy Barlow, Current member, Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD)

    Rev Martin Blakeborough, Kaleidoscope, current ACMD member

    Caron Bowen, Health Promotion Specialist, London Health Observatory

    Gill Bradbury, Manager, Alcohol and Drug Services, Powys, Wales

    Dr Tom Carnwath, Specialist Psychiatrist in Problem Substance Use, Sale, Manchester

    Dr William Clee GP, Wales, and current ACMD member

    Kathy Cohn, Mainliners hepatitis C support group and Re-act

    Lee Copley, Clinical Nurse Specialist in HCV, St George's Hospital, Tooting, London

    Noel Craine, Researcher, Public Health Laboratory Service, Wales

    Mark Davis, Researcher, Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour (CRDHB)

    Jon Derricot, UK Harm Reduction Alliance (UKHRA)

    Roger Duncan, Manager, Swansea Drugs Project

    Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt, The User's Voice

    Manlio Fahrni, Chair, Re-Act

    Professor Adam Finn, Professor of Paediatrics, Bristol

    Dr Chris Ford GP London, chair, Methadone Alliance

    Dr Graham Foster, Hepatologist, St Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, London

    Professor David Goldberg, Henry Meechan Professor of Public Health, Glasgow University

    Dr Stephen Green, Infectious Diseases Consultant, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

    Russ Hayton, Manager, Drug & Alcohol Services Plymouth, and current ACMD member

    Professor John Henry, Consultant A & E Dept. St Mary's, ACMD Prevention Group

    Dr Mary Hepburn, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital

    Lorraine Hewitt, Manager, Stockwell Project, founder Action on Hepatitis C, current ACMD member

    Max Houghton, Media researcher/journalist

    Nigel Hughes, Chief Executive, British Liver Trust

    Neil Hunt, Lecturer in Addictive Behaviours, University of Kent

    Robert James, Mainliners

    Dr Katie Kemp, Specialist in Primary Care, Camden & Islington

    Adrian Kirkby, Manager Suffolk Blood Borne Virus Project, Secretary Action on Hepatitis C

    Professor Hilary Klee, Director, Centre for Social Research on Health and Substance Abuse, Manchester

    Tania Machell, Head National HCV Resource Centre

    Andy McDonald, Drug & Alcohol Development Manager, Inner London Probation Service

    Susie McLean, National AIDS Trust

    Grant McNally, UK Assembly on Hepatitis C

    John Morris, The Haemophilia Society

    Mari Ottridge, National Needle Exchange Forum

    Lord Sir Naren Patel, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

    Andrew Preston, Freelance writer and drug trainer

    Sister Briege Quinn, Community Addiction Team, Belfast

    Kay Roberts, Pharmacy Specialist Drug Misuse Greater Glasgow, current ACMD member

    Dr Roy Robertson, GP Edinburgh and current ACMD member

    Dr Daphne Rumball, Specialist Psychiatrist in Problem Substance Use, Norwich

    Ian Sherwood, Bristol Specialist Drug Service and current ACMD member

    Narayn Singh, Manchester Drug Service and current ACMD member

    Professor Gerry Stimson, Director, CRDHB, past ACMD member, President AHC, chair UKHRA

    Gary Sutton, National Service Users Network/Junction Project

    Dr David Temple, Director, Welsh School of Pharmacy, past ACMD member

    Dr Christopher Tibbs, Hepatologist/gastroenterologist, St George's Hospital, London

    Dr Tom Waller, Specialist in Problem Substance Use, Suffolk, Chair AHC, past ACMD member

    Dr Charlotte Watts, Mathematical modeller BBV transmission, London School Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

    Paul Wells, Manager, Coventry CDT, Vice-Chair Action on Hepatitis C

  Action on Hepatitis C (AHC) was formed in July 1999 out of deep professional and service user concern at the failure of government to adequately address the problem of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and its consequences throughout UK, particularly in England and Wales. For six years prior to its formation, and despite a major epidemic, professionals from many different backgrounds had failed to facilitate progress on this issue.

  Action on Hepatitis C is an independent body with no financial backing. Members have given up their free time to help address this problem in an attempt to obtain government action. A membership list is appended.

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