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Annex 1


  Sources: 1/2/3: Dutch Governmental Paper on Alcohol; 2001-2003.

  2: (number of alcoholics): Trimbosinstitute, Mensink & Spruit, 1998.

  4: Personal information from high officials of Justice Department and Police.

  The Netherlands Drug Policy Foundation ("Stichting Drugsbeleid"—SDB) was founded in 1996. It strives for a drug policy with less health risks and less crime.

  In 1996 the SDB published a report, titled "Drug Control through Legalisation". It broke through the existing taboo on legalising drugs in the public debate, putting forward a concrete plan.

  In 1998 we published a plan to regulate the growing of cannabis to be sold in the "coffeeshops", and organised a lobby of city majors urging the government to allow such regulatory measures. It resulted in a majority motion in Parliament, and the promise by the government to stimulate an international debate on cannabis.


  R Dufour—president, director private company

  Marijke AS Van Sprang-Kamstra—secretary, member city-council Lelystad for Democrats 66

  RT Steinbuch—treasurer

  R van Diessen—alderman Tilburg for Liberal Party VVD

  JWE Gutteling—alderman Apeldoorn for Socialist Party PvdA

  J van Leijenhorst—former alderman, member city-council Utrecht for Green-Left Party Groen Links

  F Polak—psychiatrist Amsterdam

  J Schijf—former alderman Heerhugowaard for Liberal Party VVD

  JG van der Tas—former ambassador in Germany


  Hedy d'Ancona—former Minister of Public Health, former member of the European Parliament

  ThMG van Berkestijn—former Secretary General of the Royal Dutch Medical Association

  A van Dantzig—psychiatrist

  H Drion—former vice-president High Court of Justice

  JF Glastra van Loon—former Under-Minister of Justice

  R van der Hoeven—Public Prosecutor

  M Lap—advisor drug-policy

  JCM Leijten—former Public Prosecutor at the High Court of Justice

  T Reitsma—Superintendent of Police

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