Select Committee on Home Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary note submitted by Neil O'May following the evidence session on 21 May 2002

  At the end of the session I was invited to make suggestions for improvements to the criminal justice system which might remedy some of the deficiencies that had been identified. I did not emphasise, but wish to do so now, the importance of overhauling the CPS complaints procedure. I identified the shortcomings of the present complaints system in my written submission.

  I would invite the Committee to consider recommending setting up a proper independent authoritative complaints procedure which would go some way to redress the problem of CPS lawyers identifying with police culture. A properly functioning complaints system might provide benchmarks for practice which would be independent of the police. At present, the CPS complaints procedure commands as much respect as the police complaints authority did 10 years ago.

August 2002


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Prepared 31 October 2002