Select Committee on Home Affairs Fourth Report


Additional memoranda have been received from the following and have been reported to the House, but to save printing costs they have not been printed. Copies have been placed in the House of Commons Library where they may be inspected by Members. Other copies are in the Record Office, House of Lords, and are available to the public for inspection. Requests for inspection should be addressed to The Parliamentary Archives, Record Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW (tel: 020 7219 3074). Hours of inspection are from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Action Against False Allegations of Abuse (AAFAA) (CA 56)
Thomas Aldridge (CA 167)
British Union of Social Work Employees (CA 177)
Claire Burke (CA 134)
Cambridgeshire County Council Social Services Department (CA 168)
Mary Clear (CA 77)
Ian and Carmen Collis (CA 44)
Cumbria County Council Social Services (CA 22)
False Allegations Support Organisation (FASO) (CA 161)
Harry Fearns (CA 106)
John Ferguson (CA 135)
Gateshead Council Social Services (CA 111)
Tom Gavin-Allen (CA 21)
John Gower (CA 110)
John S Harvey (CA 95)
Mrs Jan Hunt (CA 47)
Tania Hunter (CA 146)
Mrs Patricia Jerau (CA 23)
Alexandria King (CA 34)
George Jensen (CA 149)
ManKind (CA 90 and CA 100)
Graham B Rees (CA 73)
G J Rideout (CA 28)
Dr Brian Robertson (CA 181)
Gill Rutherford (CA 196)
Gail Stack (CA 31)
Father P Scanlan (CA 13)
Dave Stanley (CA 18)
Julie Taylor (CA 103)
Keith Walden (CA 194)
Peter Ward (CA 32)
Wrexham County Borough (CA 139)
David Yarwood (CA 159)




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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 31 October 2002