Select Committee on Home Affairs Fourth Report


The following Reports have been published by this Committee since Session 1994-95, and are available from The Stationery Office:


Session 2001-02

3rd Report

The Government's Drugs Policy: Is it Working?

HC 318

2nd Report

Police Reform Bill

HC 612

1st Report

The Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill 2001

HC 351



Session 2000-01

1st Report

Border Controls

HC 163

2nd Report

Criminal Records Bureau

HC 227



Session 1999-2000

1st Report

Managing Dangerous People with Severe Personality Disorder

HC 42

2nd Report

Controls over Firearms

HC 95

3rd Report

The Double Jeopardy Rule

HC 190

4th Report

Blantyre House Prison

HC 904



Session 1998-99

1st Report

The Work of the Criminal Cases Review Commission

HC 106

2nd Report

Freemasonry in Public Life

HC 467

3rd Report

Accountability of the Security Service

HC 291

4th Report

Police Training and Recruitment

HC 81

5th Report

Drugs and Prisons

HC 363



Session 1997-98

1st Report

Police Disciplinary and Complaints Procedures

HC 258

2nd Report

Confidentiality of Police Settlements of Civil Claims

HC 894

3rd Report

Alternatives to Prison Sentences

HC 486

4th Report

Electoral Law and Administration

HC 768



Session 1996-97

1st Report

The Operation of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

HC 146

2nd Report

Management of the Prison Service (public and private)

HC 57

3rd Report

Freemasonry in the Police and the Judiciary

HC 192



Session 1995-96

1st Report

Murder: the Mandatory Life Sentence

HC 111

2nd Report

Murder: the Mandatory Life Sentence (Supplementary Report)

HC 412

3rd Report

Judicial Appointments

HC 52

4th Report

Identity Cards

HC 172

5th Report

Possession of Handguns

HC 393



Session 1994-95

1st Report

The Private Security Industry

HC 17

2nd Report

Murder: the Year and a Day Rule

HC 428

3rd Report

Organised Crime

HC 18



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Prepared 31 October 2002