Select Committee on Health Memoranda

Table 5.4.5(h)

North WestCapital Cost at OBC Stage Capital Cost Reported Last Year Capital Value This YearPer cent Increase Since OBC Stage Per cent Increase Since Last Year
£m£m £m
Central Manchester Healthcare & Manchester Children's NHS Trusts 199.0199.0250.7 26.026.0
Blackburn Hyndburn & Ribble Valley 70.386.199.6 41.615.6
Burnley Health Care NHS Trust13.7 13.719.039.2 39.2
St Helens & Knowsley*229.0 N/A229.00.0
Salford Royal Hospitals*114.0 N/A190.066.7
TOTAL NORTH WEST283.0 298.8369.3106.8 80.8

  Comment on any increases over 10 per cent:

Central Manchester & Manchester Children's

MIPS increase (from 310 to 325)6 per cent
National Iniatives:
Adults NBI growth and Childrens12 per cent
Burns & Cleft Lip
Energy Targets, building regulations health & safety 4 per cent
Mental Health
Reprovision not included at OBC4 per cent

Blackburn Hyndburn & Ribble Valley NHS Trust

  Planned FBC figure was 99.57 million


    —  Additional content for NHS Plan and NBI

    —  Catheter Laboratory

    —  PAC's System

    —  Laundry

    —  Additional land purchase

    —  Increase of MIPs 325-360


  Planned FBC figure was 19 million


    —  NBI and NHS Plan

    —  Renal Dialysis Unit

    —  MIPs increases

    —  Clarifications PSC

Salford Royal NHS Trust

  Reasons for change since SOC figure

    —  IM&T

    —  Children's

    —  Renal

  2.  Note that this year we are including for the first time the 4, 5 and 6 wave major schemes prioritised in February 2001 which will or have already issued OJEC notices this year. These schemes are donated by an asterix (*) immediately after their name. For these schemes the figure in the first column (B) is the capital cost at SOC approval (not OBC stage) and the figure in the third column is the OBC/OJEC value.

5.4  Long Term Capital Projects and PFI

  5.4.6  Could the Department provide data on the revenue consequences of schemes which have reached financial close and represent long term contractual commitment over the next 25 years? Could the Department provide an update of the Departmental Report table showing the source and applications of HCHS capital, giving the outturn position for 2000-01? [4.8e]

  1.  The information requested is contained in the tables provided.

  2.  Table 5.4.6(a) to 5.4.6(i) details the revenue consequences of schemes at Financial close, split by region with a global summary sheet.

  3.  Tables 5.4.6(j) and 5.4.6(k) are presented seperately and show the forecast outturn and an update of the capital disposition table shown in the 2001-02 Departmental Report.

  4.  The format of the source and applications table changed in 2001-02 to reflect the move to Resource Accounting and Budgeting (RAB) in 2001-02. The table was previously on a cash basis which is no longer meaningful under RAB.

  5.  The outturn position for 2000-01 is shown in Table 5.4.6(j) on a cash basis. Table 5.4.6(k) shows the latest position on the disposition of capital resources in 2002-03.

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