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Table 5.4.11

5.4  Long Term Capital Projects and PFI

  5.4.12  Could the Department list, by scheme, how much has been spent on developing business cases for a sample of schemes worth over £1 million, identifying which schemes are publicly financed and which financed through the PFI? Where schemes have reached completion, could the estimated development costs be compared with actual costs? [4.8h]

  1.  The information requested is contained in the attached tables.

PFI Schemes
GloucesterNuffield Newbury
£m£m £m
Capital Value of Scheme32.70 37.2018.75
Total Development Costs  1.90   0.99  0.89

Public Schemes
Royal Berks & Battle Barnet PCT— Edgware
Capital Value of Scheme110.13 35.70
Total Development Costs    2.14   2.12

  Note. Returns for Royal Berks scheme show Business Case costs of £2.44 million, but this includes £304 thousand of "Abortive PFI Costs" and £191 thousand of "Hospital Process Redesign Fees". The first has been excluded as these are not costs spent on developing the business cases for the publicly funded scheme, but the latter have been included as they are part of the normal development process which affects every scheme.

5.4  Long Term Capital Projects and PFI

  5.4.13  Could the Department detail for every NHS trust with a hospital development, whether publicly or privately financed, worth over £25 million (i) the number of NHS beds—general and acute—currently provided by the trust and (ii) the number of NHS beds—general and acute—to be provided when the development is completed? [4.8i]

  1.  Table 5.4.13(a) shows bed numbers for all major schemes which have reached financial close since July 2001.

  2.  Because figures for the PFI solutions may change for schemes during the procurement period, like last year information is provided only for those schemes where the PFI bed numbers are final and confirmed ie: for those with preferred bidders and nearing contract signature. See Table 5.4.13(b).

  3.  Table 5.4.13(c) shows major publicly funded schemes which have become operational since July 2001.

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