Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Clerk of the Committee from the Parliamentary Clerk, Department of Health


  Further to the Health Select Committee hearing on 21 October the Department agreed to provide the Committee with some additional information.

  This letter sets out the Department's response to the queries laid out below. For ease I have laid out the queries that were raised by the committee followed by a paper with the response to each query.

  The Committee requested the following additional information:

  1.  10 years worth of EU Average, EU countries and UK expenditure figures as a proportion of GDP.

  2.  Confirmation of the Department's assumption that private sector expenditure on healthcare will remain broadly static.

  3.  Information on progress around tele-health/medicine

  4.  Confirmation that the apparent reduction in spending on the geriatric sector was due to the transfer of patients with specific ailments to specialists rather than a reduction in care for older people.

  5.  A copy of the letter referred to by Giles Denham in respect of the suggestion that standards of care for older people are falling—(Ian Philps response to article in HSJ 19 September Page 6).

  6.  An assessment of the cost of agency nurses to the hospital sector as a whole—to be drawn from annual accounts when ready.

  7.  Examples of "quality" to be measured for the NHS efficiency index.

  8.  Note on the proportion of consultant to consultant referrals.

  9.  Proposals for allocating money in respect of populations transferring between social services/local authority areas.

  10.  How much of "other spend" under the Programme Budget breakdown is "litigation" and how much of that is maternity related?

  11.  What steps is the Dept taking to collect data from units which do not submit "maternity tails" data. What is being done to collect data from the private sector and improve data collection outside hospitals?

  12.  What progress has been made since March 2001 with the Maternity Care Data Project? Is it on course to achieve its aim by April 2003—to have standardised and consistent recording of data related to maternity and childbirth, for women and infants, within Electronic Patient   Record systems in all affected NHS organisations?

  13.  Check on whether information is centrally held on mothers-to-be choosing to have caesarean sections.

  14.  Forecast over 30 years of interest and capital costs of PFI schemes excluding the services element.

  The responses to these requests are contained in the paper attached.

  Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

4 November 2002

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 4 December 2002