Select Committee on Health First Report



Wednesday 18 July 2001

Mr David Amess declared an interest as Parliamentary Adviser to the Caravan Club (£1,001-£5,000). He also declared occasional media interviews.

  Mr John Austin declared that he had participated in a visit to Kuwait on 13-17 January 2001 with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Euro-Arab Co-operation, at the invitation of the Speaker of the National Assembly (all travel and accommodation costs met by the Kuwait National Assembly). Mr Austin also declared an interest as Director of London Marathon Charitable Trust Ltd., as Trustee of Greenwich MIND, and as Director and Trustee of the Crossness Engines Trust (all unpaid positions).

  Andy Burnham declared an interest as a member of UNISON. He also declared that UNISON had made a contribution of £250 to the General Election campaign in Leigh and that UNISON would fund a constituency development plan with Leigh Constituency Labour Party (£1,750 per annum).

  Mr Simon Burns declared fees for delivering speeches on 14 July 2000 and 6 July 2001 as part of the Oxford Academic Summer School for American high School Students. He also declared gifts of three cases of wine for speeches given at seminars.

  Jim Dowd declared an interest as a Member of the Medical Defence Union.

  Julia Drown declared occasional fees from opinion polls and occasional media interviews. She also declared that she was a member of Harris Parliamentary Panel. Julia Drown declared a donation of £1,000 to her constituency party by the Political Animal Lobby Society, a donation of £1,000 from her uncle, Mr John Harris, chair of the Coal Authority (and holder of numerous other posts), made in his personal capacity. Julia Drown also declared that her constituency party receives support from UNISON as part of a co-steering development agreement not listed to her candidacy or status as an MP. Julia Drown declared an interest as a member of UNISON, TGWU, and CIPFA.

  Sandra Gidley declared that she received remuneration for occasional locum pharmacy work, that she received occasional payments for opinion poll surveys (which she donated to Romsey Hospital Appeal) and that she received a fee from for launching the e-mental health website. Sandra Gidley declared that in June 2000 she received a contribution (of less than 25% of her total by-election expenses) from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. She declared that she had undertaken a visit to Berlin on 10 -13 July 2000 for a weekend seminar on health economics, travel and hotel costs paid for by Friedrich Naumann Stifung. Sandra Gidley declared an interest as a member of Test Valley Borough Council.

  Mr David Hinchliffe declared that he was a member of the Political Opinion Panel of BPRI (Business Planning and Research International) (£1-£1,000) and a Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel and that fees from both Panels were used to supplement costs of maintaining his constituency office. Mr Hinchliffe declared the proceeds from sales of his book Rugby's Class War published by London League Publications Limited. Mr Hinchliffe declared an annual invitation from the Rugby Football League to the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final and also occasional invitations to other Rugby League matches, received in his capacity as an officer of the All-Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group.

  Mr Hinchliffe also declared 500 shares in Wakefield Trinity Rugby League Football Club Limited and two donations from UNISON (total £1,250) to the Wakefield Constituency Labour Party in May-June 2001. Mr Hinchliffe declared an interest as Chairman of the Rugby Football League's Professional Players Consultative Committee (an unpaid position).

  Mr Hinchliffe also declared an interest as a member of UNISON.

  Dr Doug Naysmith declared an interest as a Fellow of the Institute of Biology and the Royal Society of Medicine, as a member of the British Society for Immunology and of the Association of University Teachers, and as a Trustee of the Edward Jenner Trust.

  Dr Richard Taylor declared shareholdings in GlaxoSmithKline, Barclays Bank, Shell Transport and Trading, and Edinburgh US Tracker Trust. He also declared smaller shareholdings in ICI, Nycomed Amersham and Smith and Nephew. Dr Taylor also declared an interest as a Trustee and member of the Executive Committee of Kidderminster Hospital League of Friends, as Chairman of the Kidderminster Hospital Campaign Committee, and as a member of the Medical Defence Union, British Medical Association, and Royal College of Physicians.

Wednesday 24 October 2001

  John Austin declared an interest as a member of MSF and of GMB.

  Andy Burnham declared an interest as a member of UNISON and of TGWU.

  Julia Drown declared an interest as a member of UNISON and of TGWU, and also declared that UNISON has a development plan with her constituency.

  Dr Doug Naysmith declared that his constituency has a constituency agreement with the GMB and that GMB made a donation to the 2001 general election campaign.

Wednesday 26 June 2002

  Mr Hinchliffe declared an interest as a member of UNISON.

  Andy Burnham declared an interest as a member of UNISON.

  Julia Drown declared an interest as a member of UNISON.

  Sandra Gidley declared an interest as a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

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Prepared 12 March 2003