Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum by Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust Non-Clinical Support Services Division (PS 42A)


Background information

  Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust is a first wave Acute Trust operating over two hospital sites. It has approximately 4,000 staff and a budget of £130 million. The Trust has 1,240 beds.

Non-Clinical Support Services

  The Non-Clinical Support Services Division includes Hotel Services (Catering, Cleaning, Portering, Waste Management, Linen Services, Residential Accommodation, Switchboard), Patient Administration, Non-Professional training and Development and Chaplaincy Services.

Service Delivery

  In terms of ancillary services, up until June 2001 the services were delivered in the following way:

Bradford Royal Infirmary

    —  Portering Services—In-house

    —  Cleaning Services—In-house

    —  Catering Services—Contractor—Medirest

    —  Linen Services—Contractor—Healthtex

St Luke's Hospital

    —  Portering Services—Contractor—Initial Services

    —  Cleaning Services (old hospital site)—In-house

    —  Cleaning Services (new hospital site)—Contractor—Initial Services

    —  Catering Services—Contractor—Medirest

    —  Linen Services—Contractor—Healthtex

  As a result of a competitive tendering and value for money exercise all the services (except Linen Services) were brought back in-house.


  Quality: The quality of service delivered by the contractor was inconsistent, in particular, Catering Services.

  Cost: The in-house bid met fully the service specification at the lowest cost.

  Staffing: All Contractor staff transferred to the employment of the Trust on 1 June 2001 on their current Terms and Conditions of Service (TUPE Regulations). In most cases these Terms and Conditions were inferior to the Trust's Terms and Conditions. The process of harmonising Terms and Conditions is currently taking place and the finance to enable this to happen was identified in the in-house bid. It will, however, take some time to manage.

  Training and Development: It was apparent when the staff transferred to the Trust that little, if no, training and development had taken place by the Contractor. We have, therefore, instigated a systematic review of all their training and development needs to enable them to be at the same standard as Trust staff.

  Management: In the Catering Service it has become apparent that there has been no systematic approach to managing the service. Indeed in the last five years of the contract the Contractor has had five different Operational General Managers in the post at Bradford. The Trust is picking up the results of poor management and rectifying often very difficult situations.

  NB It should be noted that all these issues are based only on the Bradford experience.

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Prepared 15 May 2002