Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence



1987WBHA strategic review
1989Option appraisal WBHA
  Selected single site RBH development
Jan 1993ORHA reject Approval-in-Principle submission for Prospects III
Aug 1993Concept approval document for "Consolidation of acute services" approved
June 1994Submission of the "Consolidation of acute services" FBC submitted
Aug 1994PFU instruct Trust to review options for site wide PFI
Dec 1994Addendum to FBC proposing whole site PFI solution (London Financial Group)
Feb 1995Private Finance Panel rejects whole site PFI proposals as non-viable Trust instructed to investigate discrete elements of scheme for PFI
Apr 1995Trust selects PFI partner for car parking, offices and commercial facilities
May 1995Ministerial approval was given for FBC for public funds
June 95-May 97Development of PFI proposals

Trust review of original DCP
June 1997RO agree non-viability of PFI proposals and request further updates to FBC and Consolidation document
July 1997Trust submits "concluding document on PFI proposals" which prove failure of proposals by PFI partner. Accepted by Regional Office
Aug 1997Trust submits further "Addendum to Consolidation of acute services" detailing revised proposals.
Nov 1997FBC approval granted by NHS Executive Anglia and Oxford Trust informed that no further PFI investigations required.
Jan-Nov 99Review of Contract three undertaken and submitted to South East Regional Office
Mar 2000Addendum to FBC submitted to SERO for approval to revised Contract proposals
May 2000Agreement to Contract three proposals given by SERO.

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Prepared 15 May 2002