Select Committee on Health First Report


Memoranda submitted by:

[Volume II]

1.BUPA [PS 4]
Ev 283
2.Health Watch, the Community Council for Central Manchester [PS 5]
Ev 292
3.Medical Practitioners' Union [PS 15]
Ev 294
4.TG Fellows [PS 26]
Ev 297
5.CBI [PS 46]
Ev 299
6.Health Managements (Carlisle) plc and North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NHS Trust [PS 45]
Ev 305
7.North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NHS Trust [PS 45A]
Ev 310
8.Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment [PS 37]
Ev 311
9.Professor David Mayston [PS 32]
Ev 315
10.Socialist Health Association [PS 24]
Ev 326
11.North Tyneside CHC [PS 18]
Ev 331
12.Oxfordshire PFI Alert Group [PS 20]
Ev 331
13.Democratic Health Network Local Government Information Unit [PS 8]
Ev 333
14.Chartered Society of Physiotherapy [PS 27]
Ev 337
15.West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust [PS 56A]
Ev 344
16.Mr John Fieldhouse [PS 35A]
Ev 346
17.General Healthcare Group [PS 9A]
Ev 346
18.Quest Diagnostics [PS 55A]
Ev 348
19.NHS Confederation [PS 29A]
Ev 349
20.GMB [PS 11]
Ev 351
21.Professor Allyson Pollock [PS 54B]
Ev 353
22.Professor Allyson Pollock [PS 54C]
Ev 358
23.Business Services Association [PS 41A]
Ev 366
24.Mr William Jory [PS 63]
Ev 366
25.NHS Consultants' Association [PS 17]
Ev 367
26.Amicus - AEEU [PS 65]
Ev 369
27. Professor Allyson Pollock [PS 64D]
Ev 370

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 15 May 2002