Select Committee on Health Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum by Sandra King, Acting Chief Officer, North Tyneside CHC (PS 18)

  We ask that the Health Select Committee consider how robust the balancing mechanisms will be within the NHS LIFT companies regarding the need to satisfy shareholders with reasonable profits, (private partners has a 60 per cent share of the company), and the need to provide the facilities necessary for a modern and responsive primary care service.

  The NHS LIFT companies are to provide primary care premises (with the potential to provide NHS clinical services) according to the needs identified in local planning systems such as health improvement programmes and local strategic partnerships. Where the need for a new primary care centre is proven in an area of high deprivation, this could cause a conflict of interest as it would not be as profitable to build in an area of high unemployment and/or where there is vandalism. We ask that the Health Select Committee look into the Articles of Association for the NHS LIFT companies, and ensure that there is a mechanism for local people, community groups or patients to be able to challenge the decisions of the Board to ensure that the primary care premises are provided where they are needed in the local community, and not necessarily where the company will be able to make most profit from renting out spare space to private contractors.

  The PCTs buy into the NHS LIFT company by giving existing primary care premises to NHS LIFT. If these are in prime locations, then NHS LIFT may sell the premises off for profit rather than use the site to renovate existing premises or to re-build.

September 2001

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Prepared 15 May 2002