Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

Health Technology Appraisal: trastuzumab and vinorelbine for breast cancer


  As you are aware, we have received instructions from the Appraisal Committee that they wish to consider additional clinical data available for these technologies. The Institute has been in dialogue with the National coordinating centre for Health Technology Assessment and the University of York to commission this additional review.

  Assessment of manufacturers submissions and preliminary literature searches undertaken by the York rapid review team has revealed a large body of non-randomised clinical data for vinorelbine and a smaller data set for trastuzumab. As a consequence the Institute has decided to separate the appraisal of these technologies. The Appraisal Committee will review additional data for trastuzumab at its meeting on the 25 October 2001 and will review additional data for vinorelbine at its meeting on the 21 March 2002.

  Further details of new timings for the appraisal of these technologies will be available from our website,, within the next few days.

Appraisal Programme Director

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Prepared 8 July 2002