Select Committee on Health Second Report


Memoranda have been received from the sources listed below. These have been reported to the House, but to save printing costs they have not been printed. Copies have been placed in the House of Commons Library, where they may be inspected by Members. Other copies are in the Record Office, House of Lords, and are available to the public for inspection. Requests for inspection should be addressed to the Record Office, House of Lords, London, SW1 (tel 020 7219 3074). Hours of inspection are from 9.30am to 5.00pm Mondays to Fridays.

Memoranda or supplementary memoranda submitted by:

American Pharmaceutical Group [NC4]

Association for Quality in Healthcare [NC5]

Association of British Health-Care Industries [NC6]

Association of British Neurologists [NC7]

Professor David Barnett [NC9]

Barts and the Royal London Hospital [NC10]

Professor Carol Black CBE [NC12]

Boston Scientific Limited [NC13]

Breakthrough Breast Cancer [NC14]

British Committee for Standards in Haematology [NC15]

British Dental Association [NC16]

British Liver Trust [NC17]

British Society of Gastroenterology [NC19]

Cambridge Pharma Consultancy [NC20]

Dr Nicholas Bishop [NC21]

Campaign for Effective and Rational Treatment (CERT) [NC23A]

Professor M Campbell [NC24]

Professor Bruce Campbell [NC25]

Celtic Dimensions [NC27]

Centre for Health Services Research, University of Newcastle upon Tyne [NC28]

Consumers' Association [NC30A]

Consumers' Association [NC30B]

Dr Soo Downe [NC33]

Professor Michael Drummond [NC34]

Eastern Region Pharmaceutical Group [NC36]

General Optical Council [NC37]

Tom Glancz [NC38]

Mr J Halsey [NC39]

Institute of Primary Care, University of Sheffield [NC42]

Isle of Wight Healthcare NHS Trust [NC43]

Dr Terry John [NC44]

Joint Collegiate Council on Oncology [NC45]

Lamont Clinic, Burnley Healthcare NHS Trust [NC48]

Leeds Health Authority [NC49]

Lilly UK [NC50]

London & Thames Valley Pharmaceutical Group [NC51]

Long-Term Medical Conditions Alliance [NC52]

Lymphoma Association [NC53]

Dr Fergus Macbeth [NC54]

Multiple Sclerosis Trust [NC57]

National Asthma Campaign [NC58]

National Childbirth Trust [NC59]

National Guidelines and Audit Patient Involvement Unit [NC61]

National Institute for Clinical Excellence: Supplementary Evidence [NC62C]

Neurological Alliance [NC63]

NHS Direct Online [NC67]

NICE Appraisal Committee (Vice Chairman) [NC69]

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust [NC71]

Parkinson's Disease Society [NC73]

Sister Mary Pearson [NC74]

Stephen Pearson [NC75]

Pfizer [NC76]

Radcliffe Medical Press [NC77]

Roche [NC78]

Roche: Supplementary Evidence [NC78A]

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation [NC79]

Royal College of Nursing [NC82]

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists [NC83]

Royal College of Physicians [NC84 AND NC85]

Royal College of Psychiatrists [NC85]

Serono Pharmaceuticals [NC86]

Skin Care Campaign [NC87]

Society for Endocrinology [NC88]

Professor Raymond Tallis [NC89]

The Association of Radical Midwives/Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust [NC90]

The British Psychological Society [NC91]

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy [NC92]

The College of Occupational Therapists [NC93]

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine on the Partners Councils of NICE [NC94]

Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust, Research & Development Support Unit [NC96]

The Royal College of Radiologists [NC98]

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People [NC99]

The St Paul International Insurance Company Limited [NC100]

The University of Sheffield, School of Health and Related Research [NC101]

Dr Cathryn Thomas [NC102]

Dr Jennifer Tyrell [NC103]

Professor Mary Watkins [NC105]

Professor BW Hancock [NC108]

IMS Health [NC109]

Macmillan Cancer Relief [NC110]

Dr Peter Selley [NC114]

Health Development Agency [NC121]

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists [NC123]

BUPA [NC124]

British Healthcare Trades Association [NC125]

Simon Ellis [NC126]

Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory [NC127]

Jacqueline Dutchall [NC129]

Birmingham NHS Health Authority [NC130]

Dr Andrew Bamji [NC131]

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Prepared 3 July 2002