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Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence



  1  On the Mend, Care & Repair England, 2001

  2  The Standing Conference on Public Health (SCOPH) Working Group Report, cited in Housing for Health, NFHA 1995

  3  The English House Conditions Survey, 1996 and The State of UK Housing publ. Policy Press, 2000

  4  OPCS

  5  As for 2 above

  6  The State of UK Housing (as above)

  7  The State of UK Housing (as above)

  8  The Way to Go Home: Rehabilitation and remedial services for older people. Audit Commission, 2000

  Fully Equipped: The Provision of Equipment to Older and Disabled People by the NHS and Social Services in England and Wales, The Audit Commission, 2000

  9  Healthy Homes Assessment Training for health care professionals has developed and piloted by Bristol Care & Repair. This was shortlisted for the Department of Health 2001 Health and Social Care Awards.

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Prepared 29 July 2002