Select Committee on Health Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



  1.  An elderly lady was referred to the project by a hospital Social Worker. This patient had been admitted with a severe respiratory condition and was receiving renal dialysis twice a week, and had mobility problems. The Social Worker discovered that there were problems with her heating and asked Care and Repair to investigate. A Case Worker visited her on the ward within 48 hours and arranged for a contractor to have access the following day. The contractor condemned the heating system but agreed to make time to fit a new one if funding could be identified. The cost of the work would be in excess of £3,000.

  Whilst the work was undertaken the patient was transferred to intermediate care to continue her rehabilitation whilst the case worker arranged for a grant from the City Council. Within the week the work was complete and the patient was discharged home.

  2.  Following a very long period of hospitalisation an elderly patient, finally well enough to return home, faced difficulties arising out of his wheelchair dependence and an inaccessible home. The patient's Occupational Therapist was concerned that no Disabled Facilities Grant would be available to this patient and so contacted the scheme because of the need for ramps to the front and rear of his home. The design of the ramps was agreed with the OT and the client. The Handy Person from the scheme measured and priced the cost of the steel ramps, which were made by a local fabricator and fitted by the scheme. The labour was free to the client and the Case Worker raised the cost of the materials from local charitable sources and hardship funds.

  In these examples the expertise and liaison work of the Case Worker and the skills of the Handy Person/Technical Officer of the scheme saved a great deal of time and energy for the hospital based professionals, avoided a delay in discharge and ensured a good outcome for the patients.

  Extract from a report on Bristol Care and Repair Hospital Discharge and Admission Prevention Service, September 2001.

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Prepared 29 July 2002