Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

Annex: Members of Sexual Health and HIV Strategy Integrated Steering Group

Professor Michael Adler, Professor of Genito-urinary Medicine at Royal Free and University College Hospital Medical School, Chair

Dr Sheila Adam Deputy Chief Medical Officer/Health Services Director, Chair

Dr George Kinghorn, Clinical Director —GUM Department, Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Dr Connie Smith, Consultant and Clinical Director, Parkside Services for Women and Head of Clinical Effectiveness Unit Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare.

Dr Patrick French, Consultant in GU Medicine, Mortimer Market Centre

Gill Frances, Manager of Children's Personal Development Unit, National Children's Bureau

Nick Partridge, Chief Executive, Terrence Higgins Trust Lighthouse

Derek Bodell, Chief Executive, National AIDS Trust

Martin Roberts, Chief Executive of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham HA

Joshua Odongo, Chair, HIV Policy Network

Anne Weyman, Chief Executive, fpa

Ian Kramer

Dr Chris Ford, Royal College of General Practitioners

Steve Jamieson, Royal College of Nursing

Paul McCrory, Chair, Network of Self Help HIV and AIDS Groups

Dr Roger Ingham, Centre for Sexual Health Research, University of Southampton

Baroness Doreen Massey

Jo Adams, Manager, Sheffield Centre for HIV and Sexual Health

Simon Blake, Director, Sex Education Forum

Dr David Hawkins, John Hunter Clinic

Mark Blake, Director, Blackliners

Dr Sian Griffiths, Director of Public Health, Oxfordshire Health Authority


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