Select Committee on Information First Report


59. We have not tried, in this brief Report, to prescribe exactly how the House should use Information and Communications Technologies in the future. Any attempt to do so would soon make the Report dated and irrelevant. What we have sought to do is to identify desirable outcomes, giving occasional examples of how they might be achieved. It may well be that the measures outlined in this report would require significant investment, partly to allow for increased traffic on the Parliamentary Data and Video Network (PDVN) and to make the Network more robust, and partly to recruit and train staff to provide the necessary support. We believe that such investment would be richly rewarded as the effectiveness of Parliament, as a vital channel of accountability and public consultation, will be improved as a result. We have no doubt that Information and Communications Technologies will play an ever larger part in the work of the House, and that the principles which we propose will be of benefit to individual Members and to the House as a whole.

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Prepared 15 July 2002