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Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Proceedings Report



Members present:

Tony Baldry, in the Chair
Mr John BattleMr Piara S.. Khabra
Hugh BayleyMr Andrew Robathan
Ann ClwydTony Worthington
Mr Tony Colman

The Committee deliberated.

The Effectiveness of the Reforms of European Development Assistance: Ms Costanza de Toma, BOND's EU Policy Officer, Helen O'Connell, Vice­Chair of BOND, One World Action's Head of Policy, and delegate to the NGO Liaison Committee in Brussels, and Ruth Coles, Former Chair of BOND's EC Funding Group and formerly with the NGO, International Service, were examined.

  [Adjourned till this day at Four o'clock

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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 10 January 2003