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Save the Children
ProgrammesPersonnel Communication Maintained and Security Issues Pre-positioned
Comments and Identified Needs
NWFP—office in PeshawarNFI and shelter support provided in New Jalozai Transit Camp with partners. Support planned in conjunction with ptrs to provide support for child protection (separated children) and psycho-social (education and recreation) programmes for children in three camps in Kotkai (Bajour Agency)

Remobilisation of child and MCH education programmes and child protection (child labour) in established camps underway.
International staff for Pakistan:

Programme Manager, Health Advisor, Health Educator, Logistician, Finance Manager, plus 30 national staff in all currently in Peshawar
  Distribution with ptrs in Pakistan:

Ptr 1 (2,500 quilts, 6,000 jerry cans, 500 tents, 500 sets of children's clothing and 3,000 hygiene kits) and ptr 2 (2,500 quilts)
Small presence in Turkmenistan being established.

Continuing and extending drought relief programme (seeds, tools, food) in Faryab, Jowzjan, Sar-I-Pul, Balkh

Extending hospital/clinic support to hospitals/clinics in provinces as above.

Continuing and extending education and community service programmes in NWFP and Baluchistan refugee camps
Balkh, Samanagan/Sar-I-pol—office in Mazar-I-Sharif 12 mobile MCH clinics and child-focussed health education—gen pop approx 80,000

Two supplementary feeding centres (>6,000 children)

Shelter/NFI distribution also in process for region. Supplies arriving in two directions—lorries from Peshawar via Kabul, and via UN barges from Termez.
International staff for Afghanistan:

Senior Programme Manager, Programme Manager, Health Advisor, Logistics Officer, Nutritionist (in transit from UK)

Remobilising local staff team in Mazar and scaling up ongoing
  Tent (200), quilts (1,000), WHO Health Kits (2) and children's clothing (2,500) are sent to Uzbekistan, in Termez and due for transfer to Mazar, 23 November 2001.

One WHO Health Kit, 1,410 quilts and 20 tents are on their way to Mazar by truck and are currently at Kabul
Tajikistan/cross-borderJoint assessment (with Oxfam) to Pyanj River islands for displaced settlements (10-15,000 people) completed. Active support in NFI and shelter distribution. New support commencing (with UNICEF): non-formal education and psycho-social programmes, child protection and family reunification to start w/c 19 November 2001. International staff for Tajikistan/cross-border:

Programme Manager, Child Protection Officer, Logistics Officer, Emergency Education Officer (in recruitment in UK)

Local staff team in recruitment
KandaharDiscussions ongoing with ptr to provide shelter and NFI support for their distribution.          

Programmes PersonnelCommunication Maintained and Security Issues Pre-positioned
Comments and Identified Needs

If circumstances allow extend to Afghanistan
Plans—assist new refugees. Continue assisting refugees who arrived from March 2001.

Estimates for ptr Assistance: Tents for up to 10,000 families, blankets, mats, quilts, cooking and other non-food items for 50,000 families

Health and nutrition in up to two new camps
6 inter-
staff in Pakistan working with partners
Support in Afghanistan subject to access and security constraints Estimes for ptr assistance

Provisions of non-food items

Health assistance to IDPs

Emergency Health Care and water supply at the border in Afghanistan

Possible extension of a mobile clinic to IDP camps

Possible provision of mobile clinic, water and food supplies on Afghan side of border

Water and sanitation for 100,000 drought affected IDPs
Support for refugees in existing camps in Pakistan Provide supplementary food for severely malnourished children

Provide material for 1,700 mud houses + latrines and bathrooms for widows, children, disabled and elderly

Provide home education and supplementary food for malnourished children
Southern AfghanistanSupporting ptr to supply 235 MT food for 15,000

To be delivered by road from Quetta
Balkh, Kandahar and Kabul in Afghanistan Supporting ptr to supply emergency food and shelter to IDPs.          

Focus Europe
Programmes PersonnelCommunication Maintained and Security Issues Pre-positioned
Comments and Identified Needs
Offices in Khorog (Tajikistan) and Islamabad (Pakistan). Field offices in Kabul, Mazar, Pul-I-Khumri, Faizabad, Ishkashem and Baharak in Afghanistan. Recently offices have opened in the Panhjsheer, Darwaz, Shegnan and Wakhan in Badakshan. On-going—Kabul—poultry project. With ptr—Pul-I-Khumri and Mazar—sanitation improvement

Coal distribution to IDPs in Baghlan

Preparation for food distribution in Baghlan and Bamiyan.

Food distribution in Koof, Shegnan, Ghoron, Ishkashim, Wakhan, Darwaz and Kwahan (Badakshan)

Non-food distribution to nomads in Pamir region and IDPs in Faizabad (Badakshan)

Preparation for food distribution in Shahr e Buzurg, Rogh, Tishkon and Dar-e-Yam (Badakshan).

Distribution of BP5 high energy food, immunisation and anthropometric assessments in Shugnan and Wakhan in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO and Min of Public Health (Badakshan. Assessment and food distribution for people in the Panjsheer, (1500 MT)

Staff waiting at the Anjuman Pass that is covered with 1.5 metres of snow to cross over and distribute food to 200,000 people.
Isamabad + Kabul + Mazar + Pul-I-Khumri - 33 (during distribution temporary staff are hired) Badakshan
- 267
     Received 8,000 MT of food for Badakshan and almost 16,000 MT of food for Baghlan and Bamiyan from WFP.

Programmes PersonnelContact and Security
Comments and Identified Needs
Kabul and Logar
Emergency relief for up to 8,000 displaced families National:—
8 Male,

3 Male
1 Female
  210 MT various food commodities in Kabul.

200 MT Wheat in Pakistan
Officially, borders are closed, but commercial traders are still confident that they can deliver without much problems.
Khak-i-Jabbar district
Kabul Province
FFW projectAs above   Utilising 300MT WFP
Need access for staff/supplies across Uzbek./Afghan border
Balkh ProvincePlanned Emergency relief Expatriate
1 Male
plus 2 Male on stand-by
  None but office established in Termez, Uzbekistan   

Programmes PersonnelContact and Security
Comments and Identified Needs
OperationalOperational Operational  Operational   
Chaman/QuettaWarehousing and PHE sectors, proposals awaiting full registration and confirmation Islamabad 1

Quetta 3

Seconded to UNHCR 1
Partner-led responsePartner-led Partner-led   Partner-led  
Takhar/BadakshanWater supply and flood control under Flood for Work Partner staff   Co-ordinated by Partner  
Shamshatoo and Akora
Khatak camps (Pakistan)
Firewood distrib; bakery building and mgmt; 6,000 shelters; supp food distrib Partner staff   Co-ordinated by Partner  
Kabul ProvinceSuppl food, and non-food items, shelter for 4,000 Partner staff   Co-ordinated by Partner  

ProgrammesPersonnel Contact and Security
Comments and Identified Needs
Established Afghanistan Programs



3.Wardak, Logar, Ghazni, Gardez

4.Wardak, Logar, Ghazni, Gardez

5.Khost, Gardez, Ghazni, Wardak, Logar

6.Pakistan and Afghanistan

7.Herat, Kandahar, Zabul, Ghazni, Wardak

Established Afghanistan Programs (number of beneficiaries)

1.Kabul Water (250,000)

2.HAWA (60,000)

3.SOLA (20,000—agricultural livelihoods)

4.SOLAR2 (100,000—agricultural livelihoods)

5.COPE (23,000—education)


7.FATTA (1,200,000) food for work)

TOTAL: 497

Male: 405

Female: 85


Total: 359

Male: 281

Female: 78

(Locations: Kabul, Maidan, Ghazni, Logar, Paktia, Paktika, Khost)


Total: 138

Male: 128

Female: 10

(of which 8 are expats 6 male and 2 female)
  Non Food Items (except blankets) for 8,000 families in warehouse in Peshawar.

Procurement for a further 12,000 families. Also 4,500 MT of wheat in Peshawar.

2 months food rations @ USD 1 million being procured.
New Emergency Programs

1.Shomali Valley

2.Wardak, Logar, Ghazni, Gardez

3.Kabul, Ghazni, Gardez
New Emergency Programs

1.Housing reconstruction (70,000)

2.IDP Winter relief, food and non-food (700,000)

3.Emergency Cash for Work Infrastructure Rehabilitation (100,000)

World Vision
Programmes PersonnelContact and Security
Comments and Identified Needs
Agency is working through partners and directly through 3 entry points into Afghanistan From neighbouring countries (Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) Agency is maintaining a staging office outside Afghanistan. Logistics teams are currently positioned in Mashad, Quetta and Islamabad.   All bold items are currently being distributed through partners. Other goods are either en-route or are already pre-positioned.   
Western Afghanistan via Mashad, Iran Provision of funding for partnership in Western Afghanistan and Iran borders All field personnel are the responsibility of the partner agency   Complementary food and Non food items. Blankets, plastic sheets, cook sets, tents, winter fuel, soap, cloth for clothes, water containers, materials for quilts.   
  WFP food distribution for Herat city due to start in December Currently programme is in start up mode, but it is expected that there will be at least 2 ex-pats in Heart.   3,000 MT of wheat will be provided by WFP for this contract. This will feed up to 60,000 families in Herat city for one month.   
  Provision of funding in partnership for Herat. Distributions underway. All field personnel are the responsibility of the partner agency   Distribution of 38 MT of non food items: 11,000 blankets, 2,400 plastic sheets, 1,000 kitchen sets, 1,000 water containers and 1,000 hygiene kits   
  Procurement of 49,000 hygiene kits in Mashad, Iran for distribution in western Afghanistan: December/January distribution Distribution through IOM pipeline   49,000 hygiene kits that will include washing soap, soap, sanitary material for women,   
  Procurement of Tents and Blankets in Iran for Western Afghanistan Project due to start in December Distribution mechanism to be determined   1,650 family-size tents, 1,650 ground sheets and 8,250 warm blankets   
Southern Afghanistan via Quetta, Pakistan Provision of funding and goods in partnership All field personnel are the responsibility of the partner agency   2,800 family packs
(5 blankets,
3 water containers, cooking utensils, plastic floor matting and soap) 500 family tents.
  Prepositioning of supplies One logistician (male) based with ptr. Quetta   500 family sized tents Final use to be determined
  Partnership with local Afghan NGO Distributions due in December around Jalalabad city: No agency staff involved in this area of Afghanistan   2,000 family food parcels to the most vulnerable   
Partnership via TajikistanProvision of goods for joint project with Mercy Corps Project goods are expected to arive in Tajikistan early in the week starting 26 November. One expatriate staff member in Tajikistan to receive goods   5 containers of non-food items (clothing, cooksets, blankets etc.) to Tajikistan from where ptr. will transport it to Takhar and Kunduz regions Needs identified by partner
Location to be decided within Afghanistan Provision of boots for 22,000 peopleTo be determined   To be determined   

Programmes PersonnelContact and Security Issues Pre-positioned
Comments and Identified Needs
PianjPrimary Health Care and Vaccination campaign +/- 12 national staff of mixed gender and 2 female expat staff.   3 Health kits 10,000 / 3 mths + various log and watsan equipment Refugee population is unlikely to move until next spring
Taloquan, Kunduz, Baghlan, SamanganPrimary health care in up to 4 health centres per district Between 5 and 10 International and + 50 national staff of mixed gender   10 health kits + various log and watsan equipment For Taloquan, this programme is currently in its assessment and set-up phase. Programmes in Kunduz and Baghlan are impossible to start due to security.

Ockenden International
ProgrammesPersonnel Contact and Security IssuesPre-positioned Supplies Comments and Identified Needs
Badghis:440 MT wheat delivered to Morghab.
200 MT delivered to Kushk-e-Kuna
33  In Pakistan: distributed 20,000 quilts

In Iran: (no figures available) have stocks of:


There appears to be significant population movements in Badghis as a result of ethnic clashes.
Herat:NFI distribution (500 people). The community development programme is still ongoing. 33  —blankets
—jerry cans
—other NFI
Nimroz:1,246MT wheat and NFI for 50,000 people (Zaranj and Chaghansor districts)—Imminent start. 10  OI does have funds available for the purchase based on order from Afghanistan teams.

WFP agrees for 3,738 MT wheat.
Ghazni:Closed due to insecurity. Was working until October constructing 300+ shelters. 17       
  NFI distribution at Mile 46 camp.          
Border Camps
Iran team
1 ex pat

Programmes PersonnelContact and Security Issues Pre-positioned SuppliesComments and Identified Needs
Pakistan borderPlanned three potential campsites for UNHCR no further action because UNHCR will allocate any establishment of these camps to other agencies linked to Pakistan government requirements. 2 expat in Peshawar

6 Pakistani staff in Peshawar

35 admin and other Afghan staff in Peshawar
  None at present, about to purchase non-food items for transit when changes in funding are approved by key donor   
Nangarhar, Kunar, Kabul Provinces

Badakhshan, Kunar, Ghor
Currently identifying potential families for assistance who are living with host communities in these provinces. Purpose is to enable them to remain with the hosts rather than move to IDP camps with consequent security and other risks. Will supply essential equipment including blankets, cooking and heating equipment etc.

Regular programmes have continued with local staff including distribution of seed and fertiliser for next year
250 local Afghan staff in Afghanistan mainly in Badakhshan, Kunar and Ghor with some conducting surveys in the Eastern Provinces        

Child Advocacy International
ProgrammesPersonnel Contact and Security
Pre-positioning of SuppliesComments, Identified Needs

New Shamshatu and New Jalozai Afghan Refugee Camps
Approximately 55 children and 10 pregnant mothers seen each day. A building in New Shamshatu has just been opened to provide hospital care Two male consultant paediatricians (Pakistani), one female Afghan nurse. One female obstetrician (Pakistani)   Drugs and essential medical supplies supplied to meet demands plus basic equipment Numbers and severity of illnesses in patients increasing. More malnutrition in the children as new refugees arrive daily in the camps

Children in Crisis
ProgrammesPersonnel Contact and Security IssuesPre-positioned Supplies Comments and Identified Needs
KabulNon-formal education support—materials and training

Six street working childrens centres

Support to orphanage

Support to Hospital
20 national staff ranging from Physco-social workers, engineers and teachers   Not relevant.   

Christian Aid
Programmes PersonnelContact and Security Issues Pre-positioned SuppliesComments and Identified Needs
Listed below, all undertaken through local partners and through the network Iran—1 expat.

Pakistan—2 expats.

Herat—3 National staff
     Expatriate staff aim to return to Herat as soon as the security situation allows.
Pakistan-Afghanistan BorderPartner:

Programme: Emergency Response for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan/IDP's in Afghanistan.

Progress: Watsan equipment for 70,000 people procured and delivered to border refugee sites, where possible to be transferred into Afghanistan.

5,000 winter tents and 25,000 blankets procured and in transit to Kabul for distribution in Western region. First convoy confirmed as arrived in Kabul. CA partners received.

4,000 Jerrycans procured and to be transferred
Ptr staff, staff from 10 local partner organisations manage the project   5,000 tents in total being delivered and trucked up to Kabul over next month. To date, 400 have been confirmed as arrived.

25,000 blankets pre-positioned and to be trucked into Kabul.
Herat, BadghisPartner:

Programme: Quick Emergency Response in Herat and Badghis—Short term food relief (5,000 IDP families targeted, agricultural inputs to 1,200 farmers, credit to 600 vulnerable female-headed households)

Progress: Local food traders identified and contracts secured for supplementary food in Herat. IDP's identified by ptr staff. Distributions underway with 420 MT wheat distributed to vulnerable IDP families in Dariboum and 334 MT in Kushki Kuhna.
Ptr have a large number of staff in Herat and in sub-offices running the programme

Agency staff in Herat are in close contact with them over implementation
  Wheat for this programme coming from Herat WFP warehouse reported to have 6,000 MT supplies.

Supplementary foods being purchased from local traders and packed locally in Herat for distribution.
Ghor and Badghis have remained largely unreached by WFP wheat over the last months. These areas are also drought effected, and in places will become inaccessible within a short period of time due to snow. They need urgent assistance to prevent people moving down into camps and Herat in search of food. We have recently been receiving unconfirmed reports that large numbers of people are planning to leave the central highlands (Ghor) over the coming few weeks unless food supplies reach them
Balkh, Kabul, KandaharPartner:

Programme: Emergency Food Assistance to Vulnerable Families—2 months of food to 8,000 IDP families, shelter materials to 4,000 IP families.

Progress: First WHP wheat from Mazaar expected to be released 24 November for Balkh area.

Contracts with local traders in Balkh and Kabul drawn up for local food purchase.

Vulnerable groups in Kabul and Balkh have been identified for distribution by ptr staff.
Ptr have offices in all areas, however security has restricted operationality.

50 staff have returned to Kabul, the Balkh office remains staffed.

Staff have yet to return to Kandahar.
Herat, Farah, BadghisPartner:

Programme: 3 months supply of food/non-food items to 2,500 IDP families.

Progress: Staff returning to Herat and reassessing needs and security before beginning distribution.
Ptr staff are running the project from Herat with support from CA Herat Office staff.        
Makaki and Mile 46 Camps, NimrozPartners

Programme: Emergency Winter Assistance of winter clothing for 10,000 IDPs

Progress: Distribution of winter clothes taking place over coming weeks.
Ptrs' staff handling project.       
Ghor—Tulak, Saghar, Farsi, Sharak Partner:

Prog 1: ECHO drought relief programme

Progress: Prior to 11 September, 871.2 MT wheat distributed over 6 months. 267.1 MT Rice, 267.1 MT bean and 133.6 MT cooking oil to 13,353 families

Prog 2: Ptr Emergency Response programme—WFP wheat and supplementary food to Ghor, 13,000 vulnerable families targeted in above districts.

Progress: Distributions reported to have begun in Ghor over last few days.
Ptr staff manage programme.

Ptr staff member also in region prior to 11 September.

Ptr staff manage programme. Many have returned to Herat over recent days. CA Staff in Herat also support prog
     See above comment on Ghor Badghis situation.

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