Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Evidence

Actions taken by European Commission

Annex I

  The EC provision of aid for the Afghanistan crisis totals

18.5 million since 11 September 2001. It provides aid to Afghanistan through three channels, as follows:

  1. Emergency humanitarian aid through ECHO

  A total of

5.5 million aid has been announced by ECHO since 11 September:


    4m on 28 September 2001: to fund the prepositioning of relief stocks by UNHCR, WFP and ICRC in countries around Afghanistan in order to cope with a possible massive influx of Afghan refugees


    1.5m on 9 October 2001: for medical programmes by ICRC in response to deteriorating health conditions—war-wounded and result of massive displaced people.

  A decision will be announced shortly on a further

15 million assistance through ECHO.

  ECHO's funding priorities in Afghanistan are: Assistance to internally displaced people (IDPs): emergency food distribution, mobile clinics, shelter, medico nutritional programmes, winterisation, prevention of further displacements with complementary feeding projects and pre-positioning of seeds. These projects will constitute a continuation and a reinforcement of previous programmes but also a response to new potential crisis areas like the east, near the border with Pakistan.

  In Pakistan and other neighbouring countries, depending on the scale of influx of new refugees and their location, ECHO intends to fund projects which will cover basic health care and distribution of relief items.

  2. Aid to Uprooted People budget

  The Commission will commit

5m this year to programmes for IDPs and refugees in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. This budget line will reportedly be used for a wide range of activities from health to integrated rural programmes wherever access and security allow for a rapid start-up of such activities.

  3. Food aid and food security

  This year the Commission will supply 30,000 tons of food aid to Afghanistan through WFP and further 7,000 tons via NGOs—this includes the mobilisation of

8m for WFP in response to the current crisis.

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