Select Committee on International Development Second Report


ACPAfrican, Caribbean and Pacific countries
BudgetisationThe integration of European Development Funds into the EU budget.
Cotonou Agreement     The successor to the Lomé Convention, governing aid and trade relations between the EU and ACP countries.
CAPThe EU's Common Agricultural Policy.
CSPCountry Strategy Paper
DeconcentrationThe devolution of powers and responsibilities from Brussels to Delegations in the field.
DACThe Development Assistance Committee of the OECD.
EBAThe European Union's Everything But Arms initiative which grants improved market access to least developed countries.
ECEuropean Community. See explanatory note.
ECHOEuropean Community Humanitarian Aid Office
EDFEuropean Development Fund. Non-budgetised assistance for ACP countries.
EUEuropean Union.
IQSGInter-service Quality Support Group which vets Country Strategy Papers.
Official AidAid to transitional countries. See explanatory note.
ODAOfficial Development Assistance to developing countries. See explanatory note.
OECDOrganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
PRSPPoverty Reduction Strategy Paper
SCRCommon Service for External Relations - forerunner to EuropeAid.
WTOWorld Trade Organization

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Prepared 23 April 2002