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Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Evidence

Annex 2: List of Publications (in chronological order)

  Are developing countries already doing as much as industrialised countries to slow climate change?, Walter Reid and Jose Goldemberg, World Resources Institute, July 1997.

  Environmental evaluation synthesis study, Environment: mainstreamed or sidelined, Michael Flint et al, DFID, January 2000.

  Achieving sustainability: poverty elimination and the environment, DFID, October 2000.

  Calculating the level of DFID resources which contribute to dealing with the effects of climate change, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University, November 2000.

  Eliminating world poverty: making globalisation work for the poor, DFID, December 2000.

  Summary for policy makers, Climate change 2001: impacts, adaptation and vulnerability, Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, February 2001.

  Poverty reduction strategies and environment, Jan Bojo and Rama Chandra Reddy, IBRD, August 2001.

  Poverty and the environment: what the poor say, Mary Ann Brocklesby and Emily Hinshelwood, EPD, DFID, October 2001.

  Entering the 21st Century, World Development Report, 1999-2000, IBRD, September 2000.

Department for International Development

December 2001

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