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Select Committee on International Development Third Report


The International Development Committee has agreed to the following Report:


Background and acknowledgements

On 30 October 2001, the International Development Committee announced an inquiry into Global Climate Change and Sustainable Development. The inquiry focused on the potential impact of global climate change on development and developing countries, and especially on poor people in those countries. It considered the Department for International Development's (DFID) policies, strategies and programmes relating to global climate change and how these linked to work on poverty, the environment and sustainable development.

The Committee received thirty-three written memoranda and held four evidence sessions at Westminster. We are grateful to everyone who submitted evidence or who provided background information. A list of all those who gave evidence is included on page 83 of this report. The Committee is grateful to Tom Downing who was a specialist advisor to the Committee during this inquiry and to Sir Crispin Tickell, Dr David Griggs, Dr Peter Newell and Professor Tom Spencer for their invaluable advice at the start of the inquiry.

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Prepared 23 July 2002