Select Committee on Liaison Minutes of Proceedings


  Members present:

  Mr Alan Williams, in the Chair

Mr Richard Allan

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody

Mr Chris Mullin

Dr Tony Wright

Sir George Young

Modernisation Committee's Proposals: Leader of the House's Memorandum

The Sub-Committee deliberated.

Placing of Uncorrected Transcripts on the Internet

Resolved, That the Sub-Committee recommend to the main Committee that it should approach the House of Commons Commission seeking its endorsement of a proposal to extend to non-Ministerial evidence the facility to place uncorrected transcripts of evidence on the Internet, subject to general guidelines to be issued by the Liaison Committee.- (The Chairman.)

Response to the Modernisation Committee's Report on Select Committees

Resolved, That the Sub-Committee's recommendations on size of Committees, payment of Chairmen and core tasks for Committees be reported to the main Committee.- (The Chairman.)

Redesign of Select Committee Reports: The Sub-Committee deliberated.

  [Adjourned till a date and time to be fixed by Chairman

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Prepared 19 December 2002