Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 2


  We currently have the House of Commons sitting 30 hours a week starting Monday at 2.30pm and ending at 7pm on Thursday. As I raised at the PLP in November, we could still sit the same 30 hours still starting on Monday at 2.30pm but ending on Thursday at 2.30pm so that MPs could get back to their constituencies earlier. The following timetable would allow the fixed hours at more normal working times. I would be grateful to know if MPs would support such a change. I will attempt to feed back to you, not individual views, but the overall results I get.

  I hope we can get strong support for this. We as a Government are encouraging everyone to have a healthier "work/life" balance—whether or not people have families, and we are encouraging employers to be family friendly, but we do not lead by example.

  Monday 2.30pm-8pm

  Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-8pm

  Thursday 10am-2.30pm

  (Some members have told me that they prefer to be here in the House or in the bars enjoying the evening company rather than going back to bedsits. These times would allow the social bit to continue either here or further afield. All Party Groups might meet more at the evening time too.)

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