Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Further letter from Mr Andrew Tyrie MP to the Chairman of the Committee

  I am delighted you are giving some thought to the idea of a "Committee Day" each week. You argue that the Welsh Assembly can afford to have one because they don't have primary legislation. I feel that the argument points the other way: using the floor of the House as the main vehicle for the scrutiny of primary legislation perpetuates the myth that the Chamber has been doing a reasonable job.

  Scrutiny of primary legislation can only be improved by creating more effective committees. They will be able to get on with the work only if they are, at least to some extent, replacing rather than supplementing the exchanges which currently pass for scrutiny on the floor of the house. Almost all parliaments around the world have come to the same conclusion—most put committees at the centre of scrutiny of primary legislation (and much else) decades and, in the case of the US, centuries ago.

12 February 2002

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