Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from Mr John Butterfill FRICS MP to the Chairman of the Committee

  I have seen a copy of Graham Allen's letter to you of the 23 July and certainly agree with him that we need to establish some independent form of appointment of members of Select Committees. I very much agree with this as a general principle but am not convinced of the merit of the method that he suggests.

  Can I possibly suggest an alternative arrangement, namely that a Committee of Selection be formed from senior members of the Chairman's Panel? The advantage of this is that the Chairman's Panel is comprised of senior Members of the House who have no further personal political ambitions and are obliged by their position to adopt a non partisan attitude. In addition, they are accustomed to seeing Members of the House in a Committee situation and have the opportunity of judging their relative strengths and weaknesses. This is not a matter that I have raised with the Panel but I am, as a matter of courtesy, sending a copy of this letter to the Chairman of Ways and Means.

  I hope that you (and he!) might consider that this suggestion has some merit.

Mr John Butterfill

27 July 2001

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Prepared 12 February 2002