Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence



31 October 2001

Mr Adrian Bailey declared an interest of a minor shareholding in Cheltenham Town Football Club.

Mr Harry Barnes declared the following interests: Commercial fees for newspaper articles (fees passed on to charities); a contribution of more than 25 per cent of election expenses at the 2001 General Election was made by the Dronfield Contact Club, Dronfield; and as Joint President of New Dialogue; and a member of the Irish Political Studies Association.

Mr Roy Beggs declared the following interests: Councillor, Larne Borough Council; member of the North Eastern Education and Library Board; participation in the following visits: on 23-24 March 2000, to Bruges, as a member of the West Coast Main Line All-Party delegation, to receive briefing on high speed tilting diesel trains for cross country services, as guests of Bombardier Ltd and Virgin Trains. (Registered 7 April 2000); on 16-17 October 2000, to Denmark with the Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG) to witness the Danish Wind Farm sector and meet with senior members of the Danish Government Energy Agency and the Danish Wind Industry. Flight and accommodation was paid for by National Wind Power UK. (Registered 6 December 2000); on 8-11 March 2001, to Norfolk, Virginia, USA, to attend commissioning ceremony for USS Winston S Churchill. Transport to and from London provided by Department of the Navy, USA. Accommodation etc., travel London to Belfast provided by Larne Borough Council. (Registered 9 April 2001); an interest in a farm, approximately 60 acres, Co. Antrim; interests in beef cattle; interest in a landfill site at Ballyrickard Road, Larne, Co. Antrim; interest in land and property at Inver Road, Larne, Co. Antrim; and as a Director (unremunerated) of Larne Economic Development Company.

Mr Henry Bellingham declared the following interests: Glencara Estate Company Ltd a property company owning commercial and agricultural land in the United Kingdom and Ireland; Global Tourism Solutions Ltd, a tourism consultancy; White Knight Investments plc an AIM-listed venture capital company specialising in mining sector; Landsdowne Advisory Ltd, consultancy specialising in inward investment; First Mercantile plc, customer relationship management company (resigned 1 September 2001); Challenger Oil Services Ltd, oil drilling (resigned 1 September 2001); consultant to Waste Recycling Group plc (resigned 1 October 2001); interests in farm and woodland, Congham, Norfolk, from which rental income is received; and a house in Burnham Market, Norfolk, from which rental income is received.

Mr Tony Clarke declared the following interests: Occasional opinion polls (payments made to charity); and as a Director of Northampton Town Football Club (unremunerated).

Mr Michael Mates declared the following interests: as a Parliamentary consultant to Smartlogik, a computer software company (£1-£1,000); an Adviser on defence matters (no parliamentary involvement) to ABS Aircraft AG, a Swiss company manufacturing hovercraft; as a Member of a Political Opinion Panel of Business Planning and Research International (£1-£1,000: The fees are donated directly to the Wessex Children's Hospice); occasional broadcasting, journalism and lecturing; Honorary adviser to the Royal British Legion (unremunerated); Vice-Chairman of the all-party Irish in Britain Group; and as a Former Minister for Security and Finance in Northern Ireland.

Mr Stephen McCabe declared the following interests: Occasional payments from opinion polls; occasional fees for television work; and participation in a visit on 27 February-7 March 2000, to Japan, to meet with representatives of various Japanese political parties, Government representatives, trade unionists and industrialists and business representatives, as an introduction to Japan and part of an effort to build stronger links between British and Japanese parliamentarians. The Japanese Government paid all costs for flights, accommodation, internal travel and food. (Registered 5 April 2000).

Mr Eddie McGrady declared an interest as a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and as a member of the Board of Police Service of Northern Ireland (remuneration, if any, as yet unknown).

Mr Stephen Pound declared the following interests: Occasional fees for articles and broadcasting; regular contributions to "London Matters", a weekly LBC programme (until 9 January 2000) (£1,001-£5,000); as a member of Harris Parliamentary Panel (all fees paid directly to local charities); occasional lectures to American students, Centers for Academic Programs Abroad (all fees made payable to local charities); nominated as an independent tribunal member to resolve a ground-handling dispute between Heathrow Airport Limited and the Airline Operators Committee on 29 September and 4 October 2000. Fee paid by Heathrow Airport Limited; participation in a visit on 25-27 April 2000, to Poland with the All-Party Building Societies Group visit to the Polish Housing Minister and the Housing and Building Commission of the Parliament. Hotels paid by Polish Parliament. Fares paid by Building Societies Association. (Registered 2 May 2000).

Mr Peter Robinson declared the following interests: as a Minister of the Department for Regional Development; as a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly; as a member of Castlereagh Borough Council; occasional television and radio appearances; as a Trustee for Party-owned property; interest in Union Arch property development; as a Director (unremunerated) of Voice Newspapers Ltd; as a Director (unremunerated) of Crown Publications; and a Shareholding in Harland and Wolff ship builders.

Reverend Martin Smyth declared the following interests: participation in visits on 10-12 April 2000, to Brazil with British-Brazilian Parliamentary Group, to promote British investments and study developments, paid for by British Gas. (Registered 20 April 2000); on 18-23 May 2000, to Taipei, Taiwan, to attend the inauguration of the President, as the guest of the Government of Taiwan. (Registered 12 July 2000).

Mr Mark Tami declared the following interest: occasional opinion polls, payments made to charity.

Mr Bill Tynan declared the following interests: Provision of office support by an intern from Christian Action Research and Education who works 4 days per week; participation in visits on 9-12 September 2000, to Gibraltar to attend National Day celebrations. Travel and accommodation paid for by the Gibraltar Government. (Registered 3 November 2000); on 2-5 December 2000, to Cyprus to attend the annual Ayios Amvrosios Rally in Nicosia. Travel and accommodation paid for by the Ayios Amvrosios Association (UK), (Registered 8 January 2001); on 22-29 August 2001, to Cyprus to attend the Annual Conference of Cypriots. Travel and accommodation paid for by the British Cyprus Committee.

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Prepared 9 December 2002