Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 440 - 444)



  440. Do you think that there should be?
  (Mr Dawson) There has been no suggestion from prosecuting authorities that they need to go down that particular route. The penalties for specific terrorism offences outlined, for example, in respect of fund-raising and so on, are believed to be sufficient, and we are not aware of any particular push to go down that road.

  Chairman: I am sorry to interrupt you, Mr McCabe.

Mr McCabe

  441. I think the answer you were giving me there was that the courts could take into account the fact that there was a paramilitary component to it, and as a consequence they would be more likely to sentence up to the maximum above the tariff. Presumably that was the essence of the point you were making, is that right?
  (Mr Dawson) Yes.

  442. Is that the same for Northern Ireland as it is for the rest of the country?
  (Mr Dawson) I believe so, yes.

  Mr McCabe: Thank you very much.


  443. What difference will the proposed European Arrest Warrant make to law enforcement's ability to pursue individuals across the land border with the Republic?
  (Mr Dawson) Excuse me while I familiarise myself with the relevant briefing from our relevant unit. I think I will have to consult colleagues and supply a written response to that question, if that is acceptable.

  444. All right. The supplementary to that is, if we do not have that proposal implemented—and I can tell you Customs and Excise thought it was an encouraging sign, because there is no extradition agreement for financial crime between the Republic of Ireland and this country—is there further scope for that, if we cannot get the European Arrest Warrant to become law?
  (Mr Dawson) I believe that it is now possible, using the existing backing of warrant legislation, for extradition for fiscal offences to take place between the UK and the Republic.

  Chairman: Perhaps it would be better if you consolidated that note which you have there into a note that we can see, so that we can get the answer down in black and white. Mr Stadlen, Mr Dawson, thank you very much indeed.

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Prepared 2 July 2002