Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Memoranda

Annex 2 (GRI 02(b))


  Mosscare is a charitable association with a strong community focus and active in neighbourhood regeneration. It also has a non-charitable unregistered subsidiary. The association owns over 2,500 units with particular concentrations of stock in Moss Side, Hulme, Whalley Range and East Manchester. Approximately 10 per cent of its stock is supported housing.

East Manchester

  Mosscare has been active in the Openshaw area of East Manchester since circa 1997. The association has adopted an innovative approach to dealing with the difficulties involved in urban regeneration and has actively involved the local community in developing proposals for the area. Although not one of the Housing Corporation's Housing Regeneration Company Pilots, they are generally regarded as carrying out many of the activities anticipated for these organisations, particularly in the East Manchester context, and are included by the pilots in their networking arrangements.

Summary of Mosscare Housing's work in the Higher Openshaw Initiative Area, Manchester

  Mosscare Housing Limited & Rowlinsons New Development: rent, sale, shared ownership, garden extensions, offices;

  Garden Crofts Improvement: community groups, closures, housing improvements (rent, lateral conversions, sale with gap funding);

Acquisition and Demolition (vacant): local authority stock and private sector stock;

  Temporary Social Housing/Re-improvements;

  Group Repair Schemes/Facelift Works/Housing Repair Grants;

  Private sector stock/owner occupier housing swaps/provision of mortgage finance;

  Environmental Improvements: yellow brick road, alleyways, garden schemes, Millennium Green, traffic calming, street lighting, environmental team;

  Community Groups/Education/Environment: housing and environment initiative, housing and education programme;

  Training and Employment Issues: New Deal Welfare to Work, direct apprenticeships, local labour, cross tenure, caretaker scheme;

  Current & Future Issues :

Agency role—neighbourhood management/Housing Regeneration Company;

  Community Support Training & Enabling;

  Area planning, co-ordination and management, cross tenure;

  Stock Transfers.


  Include marks the establishment of a pilot Housing Regeneration Company in Liverpool. Include is a wholly owned subsidiary of CDS Housing, which is a well established RSL, owning and managing approximately 10,000 properties for clients in Merseyside.

Impact and Achievements

  programme of acquisition and clearance of key derelict/semi-derelict sites;

  immediate programme of environmental improvements;

  developing Liverpool's first wildflower meadow on vacant and former derelict sites;

  developing a Homezone in the Shorefields area;

  working with the Sports Action Zone to develop a successful bid to the New Opportunities Fund for the creation of an athletics and tennis focused recreational ground;

  established Include Environmental—a Residents' Service Organisation as a response to the local communities' concern over street cleaning, vacant land treatment and graffiti;

  employed 12 local people and purchased three electric vehicles to operate the new company;

  launched Include Safer Neighbourhoods—one of a series of 10 crime and community safety projects which include CCTV installation, target hardening for repeat victims of crime;

  access to HC funding totalling £5.3 million, which has levered in additional investment of £4.7 million for housing projects;

  piloting new tools funding to deal with the private sector element of the worst of the mixed tenure areas in Dingle.

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