Select Committee on Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Proceedings Report


TUESDAY 23rd JULY 2002

Members Present:

Andrew Bennett, in the Chair

Sir Paul Beresford Dr John Pugh
Mr Clive BettsChristine Russell
Mr John CummingsGary Streeter
Mr Chris Mole

Members disclosed their interests, pursuant to the resolution of the House of 13 July 1992.

Resolved, That Mr Andrew Bennett do take the Chair of the Committee until the end of the present Parliament.

Mr Andrew Bennett accordingly took the Chair.

The Committee deliberated.

Ordered, That Strangers be admitted during the examination of witnesses unless the Committee otherwise orders. - (The Chairman)

Ordered, That those who submit Memoranda to the Committee have leave to publish them, in accordance with the provisions of Standing Order No. 135 (1), except in cases of particular sensitivity, where the Clerk is authorised to refer the matter to the Committee for decision. - (The Chairman)  

Ordered, That the Sub-Committee on Urban Affairs be appointed. - (The Chairman)

Ordered, That all of the Members of the Committee be Members of the Sub-committee. - (The Chairman)

The Committee further deliberated.

Resolved, That the Committee inquire into (1) Affordable Housing, (2) The Departmental Annual Report and Estimates 2002, (3) Sustainable Housing and (4) Planning and Business Competitiveness. - (The Chairman)

Resolved, That the Sub-committee do inquire into the Effectiveness of Government Regeneration Initiatives. - (The Chairman)

Resolved, That the Committee issue a press release announcing the membership of the Committee and Sub-Committee. - (The Chairman)

Ordered, That Mr Brendan Nevin and Mr Ian Cole be appointed Specialist Advisers to assist the Committee in its inquiry into the Effectiveness of Government Regeneration Initiatives.—(The Chairman.)

Ordered, That Mr Martin Crookston, Mr Kelvin McDonald and Mrs Christine Whitehead be appointed Specialist Advisers to assist the Committee in its inquiry into Affordable Housing.—(The Chairman.)

  [Adjourned till Tuesday 15th October at a quarter to Ten o'clock


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© Parliamentary copyright 2003
Prepared 24 January 2003