Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Proceedings Report



SESSION 2001-02


Members present:

Mr Richard BaconMr George Osborne
Mr Ian DavidsonMr David Rendel
Geraint DaviesMr Gerry Steinberg
Mr David DavisJon Trickett
Mr Barry GardinerMr Alan Williams
Mr Brian Jenkins

The Committee deliberated (declarations of interest).

Members disclosed their interests pursuant to the Resolution of the House of 13 July 1992.[1]

Mr David Davis was called to the Chair.

The Committee further deliberated (briefing by the Comptroller and Auditor General, Sir John Bourn KCB, and the Treasury Officer of Accounts, Mr Brian Glicksman).

The Committee further deliberated (rules of confidentiality).

Resolved, That Members of the Committee take formal note of their obligation to respect the confidential nature of the Committee's deliberations and for them and their staff to safeguard the confidential nature of the Committee's unpublished proceedings.—(The Chairman).

The Committee further deliberated (admission of strangers).

Ordered, That, in accordance with Standing Order No. 125, strangers be admitted during the examination of witnesses, unless the Committee otherwise order.—(The Chairman).

The Committee further deliberated (meetings).

Resolved, That, unless otherwise decided, the Committee meet on Mondays at a half past four o'clock and on Wednesdays at four o'clock.—(Mr Williams).

The Committee further deliberated (procedures for the examination of witnesses).

The Committee further deliberated (Chairman's delegated powers).

Resolved, That, in accordance with the practice of previous Committees of Public Accounts, the Chairman have authority, as he thinks fit, to act on the Committee's behalf subject, where appropriate, to his actions being reported back to the Committee.—(The Chairman).

The Committee further deliberated (autumn programme).

Resolved, That the Committee approve the matters proposed for consideration during the period 29 October to 17 December subject to arrangements being made for early visits to be paid to the National Audit Office and the Treasury and to enquiries being made about the feasibility of arranging a visit to Kensington Palace.—(Mr Alan Williams).

The Committee further deliberated (overseas study visit).

Resolved, That the Committee agree in principle to investigate the feasibility and value of making a study visit in Spring 2002 to Washington and Ottawa and that the Comptroller and Auditor General prepare a paper on other appropriate options.—(The Chairman).

The Committee further deliberated (Financial Services Authority and the Committee's 45th Report, Session 2000-01).

[Adjourned until Wednesday 17 October at Four o'clock.

1   Details of the declarations made by Members of the Committee are set out as an Appendix to these Minutes of Proceedings. Back

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Prepared 5 February 2003