Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Proceedings Report



In accordance with the resolution of the House of 13 July 1992, Members of select committees are required to give details of their pecuniary interests for circulation to the Committee, before proceeding to the election of a Chairman or, if appointed to the Committee subsequently, when attending their first meeting. Such declarations of interest, when made, are recorded in the minutes of proceedings.

The interests have been recorded below under the categories used in the Register of Member's Interests:

    1.  Directorships

    2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession, etc.

    3.  Clients

    4.  Sponsorship (regular or continuing support in money or kind)

    5.  Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

    6.  Overseas visits

    7.  Overseas benefits and gifts

    8.  Land and property

    9.  Shareholdings

    10.  Miscellaneous

BACON, Richard (South Norfolk)

10.    Miscellaneous  

Founder of English Word Factory (corporate writing and communications advisory business). I have received no income from this source in this calendar year.

BOATENG, Paul (Brent South)

5.  Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

31 December 1999, I attended the opening ceremony at the New Millennium Dome with my wife and five children, as guests of the New Millennium Experience Company (Registered 16 February 2000).

DAVIDSON, Ian (Glasgow Pollock)

4.  Sponsorship or financial or material support

Glasgow City Council provides me with the use of a room at a swimming pool for surgeries twice a month.

DAVIES, Geraint (Croydon Central)

1.  Remunerated directorships

Marketing Director, Equity Creative Ltd, a design company - no salary received for the last seven years.

Partner, Pure Crete (tour operator)

Managing Director, Pure Aviation Ltd; buys flights on behalf of Pure Crete.

9.  Registrable shareholdings

(a)    Pure Aviation Ltd.

Equity Creative Ltd.  

DAVIS, Rt. Hon. David (Haltemprice and Howden)

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc


November 2000, I attended and spoke at Hudson Institute Conference on the English Speaking Nations, held in Berkshire. Expenses and honorarium paid by the Hudson Institute.

Occasional other income from articles, speeches, broadcasting and lectures.

Fee for presenting Channel 4 Powerhouse programme (three programmes in week beginning 12 March 2001) (Registered 13 March 2001).

EAGLE, Angela (Wallasey)


FIELD, Frank (Birkenhead)

3.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Freelance writer and journalist.

Occasional fees for public speaking engagements.

Monthly column for Pensions Week, a publication owned by Pearson (£1,001-£5,000).

Regular reviews for GMTV's Sunday Programme (£1-£1,000).

Fee received from JP Morgan for chairing a conference at the Gleneagles Hotel, 13-15 September 2001 (Registered 27 September 2001).

4.  Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

15 July 2001, I was the guest of the Prudential Corporation at Glyndebourne     (Registered 25 July 2001).

8.  Land and property

House in Chiswick, from which rental income is received.

GARDINER, Barry (Brent North)

4.  Sponsorship or financial or material support

Sponsorship of my Constituency Reports by the Asian Marketing Group.

I employ for one day a week a research assistant who is employed for four days a week by Business in Sport and Leisure.

A donation of £1,000 was made to the Brent North Labour Party by the Association of Tamils (Registered 7 February 2001).

5.  Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

Honorary membership of the Baltic Exchange given by the Exchange (Registered 3 March 2000).

GIBB, Nick (Bognor Regis and Littlehampton)

4.  Sponsorship or financial or material support

Two donations received from Mr. Graham Tubb, a constituent. The first donation of £2,000 was made to my constituency association during the last Parliament and the second, of £1,000 was made to my fighting fund appeal during the 2001 General Election campaign (Registered 11 October 2001).

A donation of more than 25% of my election expenses at the 2001 General Election was made by the Churchill Luncheon Club, Chichester (Registered 11 October 2001).

HOWARTH, George (Knowsley North and Sefton East)

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Parliamentary adviser to the William Hill Organisation (£15,001-£20,000).

JENKINS, Brian (Tamworth)


JONES, Nigel (Cheltenham)

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Occasional fees for writing, lecturing and broadcasting.

Occasional opinion surveys fees.

10 March 2000, fee for speaking at the Annual Dinner of the Association of Valuers of Licensed Property.

4.  Sponsorship or financial or material support

Loan of information technology equipment by Fujitsu ICL.

Loan of cable communications equipment by Telewest.

6.  Overseas visits

11-16 June 2000, to Israel, transport and accommodation provided by the Israeli Foreign Ministry (Registered 8 July 2000).

13-17 January 2001, to Kuwait with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Euro-Arab Co-operation, at the invitation of the Speaker of the National Assembly. All travel and accommodation costs met by the Kuwait National Assembly (Registered 6 February 2001).

KELLY, Ruth (Bolton West)

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Payment received in April 2002 for previous work as Associate Editor of the House Magazine (Up to £5,000). Resigned from post in June 2001 (Registered 24 April 2002).

LEIGH, Edward (Gainsborough)

1.  Remunerated directorships

National TeleCable One (at present unremunerated).

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Barrister at Law

Parliamentary consultant to Pinnacle Insurance PLC (£10,001-£15,000).

4.  Sponsorship or financial or material support

Since May 1997, occasional briefing and visits to the House in connection with particular legislation by Mr Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute

9.  Registrable shareholdings

(a)  National TeleCable One

OSBORNE, George (Tatton)

9.  Registrable shareholdings

(a)  I am the beneficiary of a discretionary family trust which holds more than 1% of the issued share capital of Osborne and Little PLC, a family business manufacturing and retailing fabrics and wallpapers.

RENDEL, David (Newbury)

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Occasional payment for press articles, broadcasting appearances, and conference presentations.

10.  Miscellaneous

Trustee of the British Dental Health Foundation (unremunerated).

Patron of Cats Protection (unremunerated).

STEINBERG, Gerry (City of Durham)

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Member of Harris Parliamentary Panel (£1-£1,000).

Member of Political Opinion Panel of BPRI (Business Planning and Research International) (£1-£1,000).

4.  Sponsorship or financial or material support

Durham City Council provide me with office accommodation at a reduced rent.

TRICKETT, Jon (Hemsworth)


WILLIAMS, Alan (Swansea West)

2.  Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Occasional broadcasting and lecturing fees and fees for articles.

Lecturer at the Civil Service College (£1-£1,000).

I have a consultancy arrangement with The Mail on Sunday, to advise them in connection with the publication of a special supplement. This will also involve the writing of an article for the newspaper (£1,001-£5,000).

5.  Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

19 April 2000, I attended for one morning the British Russia Chamber of Commerce conference entitled 'Russia 2000: A New Reality' at the QEII Conference Centre, at the invitation of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (Registered 19 April 2000).

10.  Miscellaneous

1.  President, Swansea branch of Scope (unremunerated).

2.  Chair, Welsh branch of the British-Russia Centre (unremunerated).

3.  Member of Transport Salaried Staff Association (TSSA) (unremunerated).

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